David vs Goliaths: Winning a Competitive Bid

Won my first highly competitive bid for my team building (and best practices for managers) workshop. Had to present against three national companies (Ken Blanchard, Franklin Covey, Dale Carnegie) and two other large gurus w/ staffs of 50+ people. I was the only...

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Do You Have Your Employees Back?

The most significant accelerant to someone’s success is knowing that you have their back. Building a foundation that maximizes team and organizational success is absolutely critical, but it's what organizations do the poorest job of and spend the least time doing....

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The No Complaining Diet at Work

You’ve probably heard or thought this before: “I’m so frustrated and annoyed. My boss (or someone else in your organization) doesn’t get it. I’ve tried everything to perform well and make them happy, but nothing is working. I’m exhausted, upset, and they just suck....

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Employee Resistance to Their Manager and Team

What often looks like resistance by others is often a lack of clarity, understanding, and insight into a particular challenge or problem. It's a self-awareness problem that requires digging much deeper. And the surface level or quick answer is usually the...

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Increase Your Bottom Line by 6-Figures in 6 Months

Do you want to increase your bottom line, retain more employees, and increase your market penetration? Here's why your company hemorrhaging cash by severely underperforming and how you can gain at least six-figures to your bottom line in six months if you can solve...

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We live in a culture that doesn’t want to deal with pain (hurt, failure, short comings, etc.) so it matastisides into blame and hate. It’s so much easier to cause pain than deal with pain. It takes real courage and accountability to deal with your own pain....

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Narcissistic Leaders Kill The Bottom Line

Narcissistic leaders in many instances are very good at setting a clear vision and get buy-in with their charisma. But they also tend to overrate their performance (poor self-awareness), dominate decision making, need significant recognition, much less caring, and are...

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Leaders Help Others to Thrive

Your job as a leader is to create the conditions for teams to thrive. Three key steps to do this. First, you need to remove the barriers and roadblocks that hold them back. Second, you need to create the foundational layer to maximize communication, collaboration,...

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