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Executive Breakthroughs Podcast will teach you to:

  • Identify & dissolve your hidden (and unconscious) patterns that are sabotaging your success, and replace them with a new game-changing mindset
  • Maximize your leadership potential & performance, & find your unique superpower to become the best version of yourself
  • Master building organizations & high performing teams with culture of excellence
  • Master relationship building with reborn confidence, authenticity & charisma to create valuable social capital

What’s this Podcast All About?:

Don’t just be successful, be a fiercely loved brand.
When people love you, they’ll follow you to the edge of the planet and do anything to make YOU successful. Here’s how to find that power (and use it for good, not evil).

Learn from your business heroes on how to make your unique mark on the world, motivate your team, and create a culture of rockstar talent. HINT: It takes more than bean bag chairs, a waffle bar, and all those perks on “Silicon Valley.”

We’ll talk visionary leadership, bold entrepreneurship, and winning management styles. Wild creativity paired with disciplined productivity. Embracing fear, and stamping out impostor syndrome. Tiny missteps, and epic misfires. Mistakes you can skip, and strategies you can steal. (Because stealing pens and post-it notes is for amateurs.)

Podcast Spotlight

Byron Reese | Back to the Future (Episode 9)

Byron Reese (@byronreese) is an investor, entrepreneur, publisher and futurist. He is the publisher of tech news site Gigaom and the founder of several high-tech companies. He has obtained or has pending patents in disciplines as varied as crowdsourcing, content...

Recent Insights

My Guest Podcast on Eggs Podcast Show EGGS 100: JASON TREU - EXECUTIVE BUSINESS COACH AND TEAM BUILDER This week on Eggs we have special guest Jason Treu. Jason Treu is an executive business coach who works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and rising...

How to Get Employees Engaged at Work

Jason Treu returns to Vroom Vroom Veer for episode #3 to talk about how to get people to like and trust each other at work, a fun game called “Cards Against Mundanity” and a little bit about self-awareness. From Jason Treu's website: “You know those times when...

Changing your Future Story

If you don't like your current story, it's not too late to change your future story. Jason Treu tells us how we can create a blueprint for our future. In today's episode, we discuss creating a career blueprint, realizing your potential, removing your blindspots, the...

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