Trust is Contextual not Blanket

“Do I trust this leader, individual or organization?” is rarely the right question.  That assumes “blanket trust.”

Trust is typically more about the context of situation or interaction. You might trust your plumber to fix your pipes, but not to give you financial advice. You may trust XYZ’s product, but you may not trust it’s a great place to work at.

Instead ask, “Do I trust [person/organization] to do [what]?” Then it’s directed at the specific situation and not a blanket statement.

This also goes to the nature of trust and how we use in the world and with relationships!

Emotional Intelligence in Business Conversations

Many times you can’t choose the emotions you feel (although your self-awareness and thoughts can dictate quite a bit). BUT you CAN choose which emotions you share (and react to).

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions and your emotional landscape.

It’s also in part recognizing filtering them and learning how to express them appropriately and respectfully in business settings.

The old adage think before you speak also works with your emotions!

Learn to Say NO in Business

Just say no immediately than say yes and then drop the ball because your too busy (and you knew you were when you said yes). Key point: Manage expectations appropriately. 

If you’re not going to make time, don’t give people false hope. Just set boundaries and tell them the truth.

And perhaps you could help them in a week, month, etc. Tell them that and have them check back in with you. 

Speak your truth and others will respect you.

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Smiling Depression is a Workplace Danger

Sometimes when people are smiling and happy they are really silently suffering on the inside. 15%+ of depressed individuals put on their happy face (see the below article). They call it “smiling depression.”

Support others by allowing them to be real and authentic instead of feeling pressured to put on a brave face, be positive and be in a good mood.

Learn to create a psychological safe environment where people can be where they are currently at emotionally. Otherwise you are creating a culture of impression making where people are acting to fit in. That’s toxic and kills morale and performance.

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Invest in Building Your Relationship Network for the Long-Term

While going through my LinkedIn, phone book, text messages and other social channels I realized…I really have built up an AMAZING network! It’s fantastic to see all of the valuable professional & personal connections I’ve made. I’m fortunate to have done so. Can you say the same? ⁣

If the answer is no, you may want to consider taking action. You never know, you could be one connection and/or “click” away from meeting a person who can change your business, career, and life.

You are one interaction away from getting everything you want. You just don’t know which interaction it will be. It’s time to invest for the long-term)

After speaking with more than 50,000 people on relationship building and business networking (and writing a best selling book, Social Wealth), here are things to keep in mind :

  • The best relationship builders and “networkers” are ones that are amphibious – they understand how to build successful relationships both online and offline.
  • They understand how to connect online and move offline to meet “in-person.”
  • They have a process to build high levels of trust and rapport in minutes by using vulnerable self-disclosures to allow the other person to share things they would only discuss with people in their inner circle.
  • They understand how to give with boundaries, while being unattached to outcomes. They also know what to ask for and how.
  • They know influencers and well-known individuals greatest fears and hot-buttons and how to navigate around them.
  • And that’s just the start…

BOTTOM LINE: There’s no time like NOW to reach out and contact that person you always wanted to speak to, meet in person, mentor you, partner with you, etc.

Don’t be afraid. What’s the worst that could happen? They may ignore you? They don’t respond?

What if they do? What would be possible if one of the 50 people you reached out wanted to engage with you?

It’s a numbers game (so don’t expect every person to respond). Plus, timing is everything.

Get started today!!! Remember, you are only one interaction away from getting everything you always wanted, you just don’t know which interaction that may be!!!

Ultimate Corporate Team Building Activity

Explainer white-board video for my corporate team building workshop and game, Cards Against Mundanity. More 5000+ people have played including organizations such as Amazon, Google, Worldwide Express, Microsoft, Oracle, PRSA, Chambers of Commerces, and many others. Clients see 20%+ increase in trust, team closeness & engagement in 90 minutes. That translates into double-digit increases in their key metrics. You’ll see your team performance skyrocket immediately after the workshop.

Kate Stott, Director of Enterprise Operations at WorldWide Express 

“Getting to work with Jason was a game-changer. I thought my team was close before playing Jason’s Cards Against Mundanity, but seeing how much they bonded during the hour we spent playing was amazing. I cannot stress enough – ANY relationship will be strengthened by playing this game. I’ve played with family members, friends and coworkers in other departments and the results speak for themselves. Beyond that, Jason has continued to offer his insights & suggestions on how I can better navigate difficult situations in the workplace. I’m a better leader with a higher functioning team after my time with Jason.”

Google senior leader, Albert Grazi (head of the video solutions group)

“The workshop and game were excellent: the team was very appreciative of the event, and it kept coming up as one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. As a manager, that was great to hear. Throughout the following two days, we hosted some guests from other groups, and we asked them to answer random cards in front of the audience: some of their answers were surprisingly deep and instantly helped to establish trust between them and our teams.”

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