Ultimate Corporate Team Building Activity

Explainer white-board video for my corporate team building workshop and game, Cards Against Mundanity. More 5000+ people have played including organizations such as Amazon, Google, Worldwide Express, Microsoft, Oracle, PRSA, Chambers of Commerces, and many others. Clients see 20%+ increase in trust, team closeness & engagement in 90 minutes. That translates into double-digit increases in their key metrics. You’ll see your team performance skyrocket immediately after the workshop.

Kate Stott, Director of Enterprise Operations at WorldWide Express 

“Getting to work with Jason was a game-changer. I thought my team was close before playing Jason’s Cards Against Mundanity, but seeing how much they bonded during the hour we spent playing was amazing. I cannot stress enough – ANY relationship will be strengthened by playing this game. I’ve played with family members, friends and coworkers in other departments and the results speak for themselves. Beyond that, Jason has continued to offer his insights & suggestions on how I can better navigate difficult situations in the workplace. I’m a better leader with a higher functioning team after my time with Jason.”

Google senior leader, Albert Grazi (head of the video solutions group)

“The workshop and game were excellent: the team was very appreciative of the event, and it kept coming up as one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. As a manager, that was great to hear. Throughout the following two days, we hosted some guests from other groups, and we asked them to answer random cards in front of the audience: some of their answers were surprisingly deep and instantly helped to establish trust between them and our teams.”

Get the game [free] cardsagainstmundanity.com

Inquire about the workshop: jasontreu.com/team-building-workshop

Top 30 Business Philosophy Best Practices from the Experts

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), about 33 percent of all businesses will fail during their first two years. This is why it’s important that business owners are guided by principles to reach company goals every day. We asked the experts to share the business philosophy they live by that helps them stay focused as decision makers.

Here are the top 30 best business philosophies from the pros.

Fit Small Business Included my quote

‘Your level of self-awareness is the number one predictor of your business success.’

Jason Treu, Executive Coach, Jason Treu Executive Coaching

Only 10 percent to 15 percent of leaders are self-aware, but 95 percent believe that they are. If you don’t understand your blind spots, patterns, emotions and how those affect others, you’ll make many mistakes, lose clients and have poor employee retention. Self-aware leaders deal with conflict much better and enter into difficult conversations on a regular basis. They let their ego cloud their decisions much less often. They seek to understand first by listening vs. trying to tell others why they are right. Self-aware leaders are vulnerable, and they share with others, which builds deep relationships much quicker.

Here is one I really liked:

3. ‘The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it took place.’ — George Bernard Shaw

Jessica Welch, Marketing Content Associate, BigSpeak Speakers Bureau

Every month, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry surveys more than 30,000 people in the workplace through the Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Education program to narrow in on the traits and qualities that differentiate the top from the poor performers. He found the best leaders never avoid the hard part of a conversation. Most of us will omit the last 8 percent of a difficult discussion, assuming the other person understood what was implied. This creates tension and frustration when nothing changes since the two didn’t fully understand each other. For everyone to work at maximum efficiency, it’s crucial to finish up that last 8 percent of the tough conversations.

Are You Their Enemy or Their Friend?

Are you their friend or enemy? You are in one or the other camp (whether you like it or not). You have to earn the right to get in their inner circle. It’s how our brains are wired.

To fast-track biz success, you’ve got to build high level of trust quickly. You do that not by pitching them, but getting to know them personally. You need to create the feeling (in 5 mins or less) that you’ve known the person forever. You do that by leading with vulnerability and opening them up.

Why? Because belonging is our DNA. Everyone wants it and they can never get enough of it. People want to open up and share, it’s just most people don’t care & don’t want to listen. People don’t want to hide behind their mask. So be the person that allows them to take it off.

How? Ask them deep personal questions the first time you meet them. Uncomfortable? Yes, but the research proves it works. The other way is slow and doesn’t work.

What questions (here are two examples):
1) What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last year? Why?
2) What’s a setback that turned into a blessing in disguise? Why was it?

You can also get my team building game (cardsagainstMundanity.com) for free and play it with them. Use two questions that you both answer. It will take you 3-4 minutes.

Do the opposite of the other 99% and you’ll skyrocket your results.

Try it and see how it works. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Are you their enemy or friend?

Secrets to Building the Highest Performing Teams (Webinar)

Here’s a free webinar on how to build the highest performing teams (and a free game to use as well). More than 5000+ people are using these strategies and processes including organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Worldwide Express, PRSA, E&Y and many others. I spent more than 3+ years researching, interviewing and observing most of Forbes/Fortune’s top 10 workplaces to see firsthand what teams are doing, behavior, and thinking.

This also applies to individuals because you can influence the team and create the optimal environment around you.

What’s the best team you’ve ever been on? The team that was the most cohesive, cooperative, deeply connected, and productive. Maybe it was a job, a sports team, club, startup, an event you were apart of, etc.

How did it feel to be connected to something bigger, to sort of lose yourself in that moment?

That feeling you just thought of is…THE…most…powerful…business…asset…on…earth. It’s what separates the top 1% from all the rest.

Leaders struggle and stay awake at night trying to figure out how to create that feeling and conditions for others to thrive.

Unfortunately, many leaders believe that creating this is like your DNA – you either have it or not. It’s not luck nor an accident.

Business leaders can learn how to “dial in” to the right behaviors and environment to put every person in a peak state of performance and innovation.

Individuals, managers, leaders, human resources, and executives can use the strategies and processes. You can also use them externally with prospects, clients, key partners, etc.

You’ll learn how to create and operationalize this in a team and across an organization.

You can also download my free team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, so you can experience why it will work. I have a team building/performance workshop I conduct as well.

“The workshop and game were excellent. The team was very appreciative of the event, and it kept coming up as one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. As a manager, that was great to hear.

Throughout the following two days, we hosted some guests from other groups, and we asked them to answer random cards in front of the audience. Some of their answers were surprisingly deep and instantly helped to establish trust between them and our teams.”

Alberto Grazi, Google’s Head of Americas Video Solutions Consulting

“Jason did a great job of not only giving me the nudge I needed to explore a team workshop but he also did a fantastic job of organizing and running it!

The workshop was very beneficial and our leaders immediately felt the impact it had on the team as a whole.

Whether you have a high or low performing team I would highly recommend Jason’s workshops as a great tool to improve the team’s performance.”

Josh Pluemer, Vice President of Operations, WORLDWIDE EXPRESS

Three Things You’ll Learn:

1) Why 99% of teams underperform/lack innovation

2) Strategies, behaviors, and processes of the top 1%

3) How to operationalize team performance and innovation

Great Team Building Workshop at Google in New York City

Team building workshop at Google in New York City

Led a fantastic and courageous global team at Google through team building workshop that builds deep and trusted connections to increase performance and innovation.

It fantastic and I showed them the business ROI along with it (not some woo-woo thing). We broke off into groups after the presentation and played by game, Cards Against Mundanity.

It was amazing to see people open and share their breakdowns, values, deeply held beliefs and life lessons.

I can already see they have huge opportunities to increase performance and innovation (and they will achieve it together). I’ll be excited to see how things progress over the next 90 days.

team building workshop at Google in New York City


Business Relationship Supercharger #6: Empowering Yourself

Here is your #6 business relationship supercharger, empowering yourself, from my book, Social Wealth

Supercharger #6: Empowering Yourself

Your success is directly correlated to your psychology because your thoughts turn into the actions you take and the results you generate. Your mind is extremely powerful, and it will either propel you forward or cripple you. You need clarity, focus, and compelling motivations to move toward the life you want. It’s critical to remove inner conflicts that may be holding you back as well. You also need to create your business plan, and understand why you want what you want in your career. Don’t live your life as a sailboat hoping to drift to the right destination without a map or GPS; your chance of getting where you want to go is very low.

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