Season 2 of Executive Breakthroughs is in progress. It’s exciting. You can catch up on Season 1 here.

I had a strategy for Season 1 and it just took too long and it was too difficult to produce on an on-going basis. I wanted it to be an in-person audio/video interview where I interviewed game-changing professionals all over the US. It seemed like a great idea in my head and when I spoke to people, but the execution of it became overwhelming.

It took me a while, but now I’m going to be audio-only and focus on it not being perfect in everywhere.

Like life, it’s a learning process.

Here is what you will be in store for….

What is the Executive Breakthroughs Podcast?

It’s where high-performing executives, entrepreneurs, and rising stars, just like you, come to learn from their business heroes on how to make your unique mark on the world, maximize leadership and performance, create a culture of rockstar talent (i.e. be an expert team builder), become a great manager, and more. HINT: It takes more than bean bag chairs, a waffle bar, and all those perks on “Silicon Valley.”

We’ll talk visionary leadership, bold entrepreneurship, building epic teams and winning management styles. Wild creativity paired with disciplined productivity and great teamwork. Embracing fear, and stamping out impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs. Tiny missteps, and epic misfires. Mistakes you can skip, and strategies you can steal. (Because stealing pens and Post-it notes is for amateurs.)

This show will make you a better leader, manager, team builder, investor and — most important — a better thinker and problem-solver.

Executive Breakthroughs Podcast will teach you to:

  • Build the highest performing & most engaged teams to significantly increase your bottom line (i.e. you’ll become a team building expert!)
  • Identify & dissolve your hidden (& unconscious) patterns that are sabotaging your success (i.e. blindspots), and replace them with a new game-changing mindset and self-awareness
  • Maximize your leadership potential & performance, & find your unique superpowers to become the best version of yourself
  • New managers will learn strategies, best practices & tools to increase their effectiveness
  • Human resources professionals will learn how to maximize employee engagement and experience, resolve and mediate conflicts, create “world class” employee onboarding & new hire processes, deal with difficult employees, & much more.
  • Sales leaders will learn how to build the highest performing sales teams, skyrocket trust and rapport with customers & podcasts, more successfully manage others, work across the organization with other groups much better, & much more.
  • Master relationship building (and business networking) with reborn confidence, authenticity & charisma to create valuable social capital

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