Why We’ve Gotten Employee Engagement Wrong

Here’s a major reason companies are failing at employee engagement. ADPRI study states the most effective way to improve engagement is to focus on teams. #1 priority is to build “extreme” trust (lower levels of trust matter little). “Team members who strongly agree...

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Hire For Culture Contribution NOT Fit

Here is another way to look at hiring and culture. Don’t hire new employees based on “culture fit.” Hire them based on “culture contribution.” Why? You need diverse thinking, experiences and backgrounds so people challenge others and you don’t just hire the same types...

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Stop Shooting The Messenger

You can’t create a culture where people speak up, share problems, dissent and deliver bad news unless it’s psychologically safe (i.e See Amy Edmondson and Google’s Project Aristotle for more on psychological safety and why it’s the #1 factor for high employee...

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