Speaking at AA-ISP Austin Chapter on Feb 28

Join the Austin Chapter to hear from Jason Treu, an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and teams to maximize their leadership potential and #performance, along with building and executing their career blueprint. He’ll be speaking on maximizing employee...

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Quote on Courage, Determination and Success

Great quote and even better advice on business, career & the entrepreneurial journey. I definitely used it at the Phoenix Marathon where I PR’d by 17 mins from Nov (3:20). Pete Pfitzinger's advice for marathon day: “During this final 10K, you get to dig deep and...

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The Dangerous Silence in Feedback

Many leaders live in the “ILLUSION that things ARE working” because they aren’t getting any other feedback. Silence is dangerous because it’s often one-way. The leader just isn’t getting the information (but it’s out there). Why? Employees just aren’t sharing feedback...

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