Here is a new video I made on Mastering Your Emotions and Feelings. I find people run into a lot of challenges that hold them back in this area.

It’s a simple 3 part process that takes minutes to implement. It’s a successful habit anyone can create and much quicker than anything out there.
  1. Feel your emotions and feelings
  2. Accept your emotions and feelings
  3. Act in spite of your emotions and feelings.
This is very powerful and I explain why in the video.

People who suppress or block out feelings actually make them stronger over time and they will eventually overcome any tricks or manipulations to suppress them. Whatever you resists, will persist. It’s back by science.
  • There is no one that feels like doing things all the time. That’s not real. Everyone doesn’t want to do particular things.
  • The successful people learn to do it in spite of their feelings and emotions…and do it instantly.
  • They use negative feelings and emotions as a springboard forward.
Listen to learn what to do and why!

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