Supercharge Sales Kickoffs with the Ultimate Team Building Game

Dozens of companies are using to supercharge their Sales Kickoffs. It’s the ultimate team building game to increase performance, engagement and teamwork. Download the game for free (takes 5 minutes to set up) and see what companies such as Amazon, Google, Southwest Airlines, Gillette, Ernst & Young, and many others are experiencing. 

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Why People Have a Hard Time Changing

People rarely change until the pain of staying the same hurts MORE than the pain of changing. 

It’s simple and true.

Usually a person needs to hit their version of rock bottom to change. Rarely do people do as they are making process.

The .01% that do have created a continual process for growth. I talk about that in the three-tier model that I’ve found the most successful people all use. They aren’t fully aware they are doing it, but they are.

Why You Stop Making Progress

Here’s why many people stop making progress:

Sometimes the inability to see the incremental changes you are making each day holds you back from ever reaching your goal.

So celebrate progress each step of way so you gain perspective and won’t stop.

Why? When we feel like we are making progress, we get excited and motivated. It’s not achieving the goal that boosts us. It’s the journey.

Great Leaders Practice Vulnerability

Great leaders practice vulnerability.


Because vulnerability is gateway to becoming a courageous and highly successful leader.

But in order to do that, a leader must first do their own self-inquiry to understand their sabotaging patterns and blind spots.

You can’t practice vulnerability unless you are vulnerable and accountable with yourself first. 

Real Estate Investor and Fund Manager Client Testimonial

“When I started working with Jason I had some gaps in my mental model. I also had a general fear of the direction of the market. Jason removed the blind spots from my thinking and allowed disparate parts of my mental model to come together supercharging my growth. He also has great knowledge of the business process from seeing so many different companies grow. Since working with him we have grown revenues 34% and began raising our first fund. We also have a much more clear confident path forward in this and any market. I would pay for that ROI again.”

Vince Caviglia, Principal at GC Capital Group (San Diego, California)

(And I’m helping him launch his first real estate fund in first half of 2019)

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