Dr. Mark Pirtle (Celebrity Therapist) Interview “How to Immediately Stop Stressing Out”

Today, you are going to learn how to immediately stop stressing out, manage your anxiety, deal with difficult periods in your life such as a break up, job loss, death and more.

There is a video (with an exercise we demonstrate), handout below, and a podcast you can listen (see below) that goes more in depth than the video.

You can use this information any time you are feeling overwhelmed, tense, get in a negative mindset, feel nervous, or anxious. This will put you back in a productive mind frame and state so you can move forward and not be paralyzed. The great thing about the exercise you are going to learn in the video is that you can do in seconds and do it anywhere, anytime…and it will help you instantly.

You are going to hear from one the top specialists in this area in the United States, Dr. Mark Pirtle. He is a practitioner at the two of the most high profile in-patient rehabilitation clinics in the US and works with well known people, celebrities, and more. He’s a rockstar and you are going to find out why. 

Here is a quick bio….

He developed the first ever pain program at Sierra Tucson, a world-renowned in-patient rehabilitation hospital. He continues to provide mindfulness-based programming and treat patients at Sierra Tucson. Mark is a faculty member for the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona where he teaches pain science, orthopedics, and manual therapy. Dr. Pirtle serves as Miraval Resort’s “Stress-Illness Specialist,” where he delivers a bi-weekly lecture, “Skillfully Aware: Tools for Transformation.” He also consults privately with Miraval guests. Dr. Pirtle sees clients privately as well. He has authored and co-authored articles ranging from healing chronic pain and addiction to meditation and artificial intelligence.

Stress happens when we get overwhelmed in our lives. We rarely get stressed out about things currently happening in the exact present moment.

When happens is we start to worry about…what might happen…what could happen…and then throw in some should of or would of as well…and there ya go.

The reality is the things we ponder the worst case scenarios happening and they rarely play out that way. So we intentionally stress ourselves out and cause ourselves significant pain for no real reason at all.



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