When would NOW be a Great Time to Take Action? 🦄

When you want to do in your life: Like Nike – JUST FREAKiNG DO IT. Stop second guessing yourself. Don’t overthink it. Go with your gut.

Stop waiting for a magical 🦄 unicorn to give you permission. (Edit: If you do, 🦄 said GO!!)

Take action. Pivot when necessary. It won’t be perfect, but rarely is it. 

When would NOW be a good time to act?

Red Hot Chili 🌶 Pepper Joke

Monday morning joke: How do you weigh a ‘Red Hot Chili Pepper?’ Give it a weigh, give it a weigh, give it a weigh now.

Getttttt ittttt???????

How to Build Your Board of Directors

Board of Directors/Advisors is absolutely critical for an organization and startup to have. It’s very tricky and complex to set up, and it can be risky too. You also need very experienced, seasoned and highly-skilled professionals who can provide expert guidance, clearly identify blind spots, help you navigate through tough times, and brainstorm with. Finding these types of individuals isn’t easy!

There are some obvious challenges. First, since they aren’t involved in day-to-day operations, they’ll have a lack of information and insights into the business and personalities.

This also makes it hard on board members. The ambiguity, uncertainty, and unknowns can cause a lot of fear and anxiousness. Combinations of these elements can lead successful people to want to exert more control and micro-manage details.

Therefore, there is also a balance on how much influence to give to them and how much guidance you seek out.

There is no pyramid or hierarchical structure between a board and a management team.

Board/Management Team relationship a delicate, nuanced balance that must be nurtured and carefully crafted. Each side must “stand in each other’s shoes” and listen first and more than they speak. Otherwise poor collaboration, misunderstandings, and miscommunication will arise.

Having a great board isn’t that common and it’s difficult to pull off. Often times, the board can often derail the management team. They also can be anger, major frustrations and huge conflicts that suck up a tremendous amount of time. These things will lead to failure and/or underperformance.

How you structure it, manage meetings and maintain ongoing communication and collaboration is something you should carefully plan out.

Here are some questions to ask to build a board or to add professionals to help to take the organization to the next level of success and reach your ultimate goal(s):

  1. When a crisis hits and you are in a “hell storm”, which board member would you call first? Why? Who would be second? Why?
  2. Let’s play a game. If your board was actually your executive team, what capabilities and qualities are missing? 
  3. What specific skills does your board need overall? What do you have currently? What do you need?
  4. How would public investors view your board? What would they applaud? What would they believe is lacking?
  5. What’s the policy and procedures for holding the board accountable? Who enforces that?
  6. Have you clearly defined all the roles and responsibilities for the board and interactions with the management team?
  7. What’s the current relationships between the board and management team (and their staff)?

Creating Training and Development Programs and Employee Experience Initiatives for Organizations

Learning and development is something I’ve always been passionate about. I’m a naturally curious, research oriented and understand the value of strategic training.

I work with clients (either HR and/or management team) to help them with their training and development needs. Here are a few areas:

  1. Create and implement a strategic program for the entire organization.
  2. Create and implement a culture development program, employee experience, and employee engagement program.
  3. Work with HR on their onboarding process
  4. Develop a learning and development program, manager training and/or leadership development program.

It’s exciting to take an idea and see it through execution to making a huge impact for an organization. It’s never easy, but always worth it!

Reach out to me if you are interested in these services and/or have any questions.

The NUMBER ONE Reason You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals and Dreams

The ONLY one keeping YOU from your dreams… 


We all need to be reminded of simple things that we know, but forget or create false narratives to make us the victims in our own lives.

Don’t let self-imposed limitations stop you.

Don’t let others define you.

Don’t let the journey derail you.

Don’t let would of, could of or should of be your story.

Go get it. Be resourceful.

So what’s your dream? What’s REALLY stopping you?

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