Speaker Testimonial by a Sales Organization

“Jason presented to our AA-ISP NYC, NJ, CT members chapter meeting where Jason conducted an interactive session. I’m still receiving reviews and feedback that he’s a phenomenal speaker and conducted an interactive session keeping everyone engaged and participating. Everyone left the evening with something to impact their teams and individual leadership abilities. I highly recommend Jason.”

Derek Garrard, Head Of Sales Development at Kustomer

Inside Sales Keynote Speaker Testimonial on Team Building & Performance

“I loved your session in Tubac (at the Sales Leadership Summit), and have been exploring the files on the Google drive (and the Cards Against Mundanity game). Can’t wait to try it out with my team!

Based on your talk and suggestions, I came up with an idea I tried out. I led two sessions last week where reps shared their first concert with an associated memory, and we are now building a playlist of the hits. It is a great team building activity!”

Erin Metroff, Sr. Director of Inside Sales at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Keynote Speaker Testimonial for PRSA Phoenix on Employee Engagement, Leadership and Management Best Practices

“Our Phoenix PRSA Chapter had the honor of hosting Jason at a recent member luncheon and to say we were impressed would be an understatement. His discussion on great leaders and team building was not only interesting and engaging, our opportunity to play his “Cards Against Mundanity” game was a literal revelation for many of us in the group. For, what might be the first time ever, members continued to stay and talk long after the event was over. Keep in mind this was a luncheon, in the middle of the work day, and people stuck around!

If you are ever looking for a keynote speaker Jason should be high on your list. He’s an expert in his field. He’s worked with some of the biggest companies out there, and his methods work!

We’d love to have him back anytime!” — Rachel Brockway, President, PRSA Phoenix

How Hospice of Texarkana is Using Cards Against Mundanity With Their Management Team

“Thank you for speaking at our SHRM seminar in Texarkana on Tuesday. You presented such valuable information that will be useful in my position at work as well as my dealings with people in other areas of my life. How generous of you to speak at our event and provide your notes and game to us at no charge! I appreciate that so very much.

I thought you might like a little feedback about how we are already using the information you presented. Our management team (about 12 key leaders) meets every Friday morning. We plan to pass around one question each week to help us get to know each other on a deeper level and connect personally rather than just professionally. It went great this morning! We found out some things about each other we never would have known otherwise and the team seemed relaxed with great interaction as we continued our meeting. I am looking forward to continuing this each week and see our good team become an excellent team.

Thank you again for your time and generosity. I wish you the best!

Melinda Wommack, Human Resources/Finance, Hospice of Texarkana”

Client Testimonial in Shipping & Logistics (One Billion Dollar Company)

“Working with Jason really helped me to work through my blind spots and become a better leader. I can’t say enough great things about how impactful working with Jason was for me personally and professionally.” Joel Clum, COO, Worldwide Express $1B Revenue (Shipping & Logistics)

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Use a Game to Maximize Team Performance and Engagement

Cards Against Mundanity is the #1 team building game & workshop to increase performance, problem-solving, engagement and collaboration.

More than 10,000 people have played it along w/ organizations such as Amazon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Google, E&Y, Southwest Airlines, Worldwide Express, Phillips May, Oklahoma Society of Resource Professionals (OCHRS), PRSA, Microsoft, Houston-Galveston Area Council, etc.

It increases trust, engagement and team closeness by 20%+ in 45 minutes. Typically, it would take a team or company five-plus years and six-figure spend to achieve the same results. It also can be used to close prospects, increase sales to customers, and with all 3rd-party relationships.

The “secret” is it allows vulnerable, safe self-disclosures in minutes that take years. You immediately bond with common experiences, emotions and more.

Here are three testimonials from CareHere, Southwest Airlines and Houston PRSA on how it will work for you & your team.

It’s perfect for off sites, team & company meetings, employee & manager trainings corporate retreats, yearly & quarterly planning, & brainstorming sessions. It also works to significantly improve company culture and employee satisfaction.

“Our clinic was struggling to maintain a positive morale. After attending Jason’s workshop, I was able to take what he said and put it into action. After our first team building session, I noticed a difference in how the group was communicating. The transformation has been steady and continues to grow. Word quickly spread within my company on how successful this experience was so there’s plans to use Cards Against Mundanity in other clinics across the nation. “

Angie Higgs, Director of Clinical Services at CareHere

(Provides employer-sponsored work-site healthcare access in 200+ centers over 26 states that has served more than one million patients last year.)

“Jason’s presentation and Cards Against Mundanity game instantly resonated with our group, and was the start of new connections across our organization. In my experience as a sales leader, I know that candid, vulnerable conversations lead to building a foundation of trust within a team. When strong relationships are fostered, my salespeople reach a higher level of engagement, and higher performance levels are the result. Jason’s method ensures a quick path to honest dialogue in a really fun, unique way!”

Matthew Smith
Senior Director, Head of Corporate Sales at Southwest Airlines
President of AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.)

“Jason’s session was life-changing…both professionally and personally. When we began, I sat amongst a group of strangers. But 45 minutes later I felt I was among a group of friends. The questions were powerful and thought-provoking. We shared some laughs and shed some tears. I left the session feeling inspired to use the lessons learned at my organization.”

Saki Indakwa
PRSA Houston President 2017-2018
Director, The Ralph Douglas West Ministries


Go to:

1) JasonTreu.com/Team-Building-Workshop and/or
2) CardsAgainstMundanity.com


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