Set Even Bigger Goals in 2019

Goals are meant to be Very HARD. They should push you significantly out of your comfort zone.

The point of a goal is it’s big enough when you reach it, you’ll want to scream, cry, and celebrate.

Most people set the bar too low and never see what they are truly capable of.

Recalibrate, raise the bar and shoot for the 🌝 moon. What if you miss it? You’ll still hit the 🌟stars!! 

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Objects Are Not How They First Appear

Look at everything as a new opportunity! Stop looking at things the way they first appear.

Setbacks help you cross one more thing off your list. Heartbreaks teach you a learning lesson.

Big goals teach you to do things in spite of how you feel (and you are not your thoughts)! 

Train your mind to embrace obstacles and hard challenges.

99.9% of the competition will tap out before you do it you follow this.

Why? It’s easy today to start and do almost anything. But grit, drive, determination and consistent effort are almost non-existent.

Couple that with investing in yourself, improving your self-awareness and embracing courageous vulnerability and you’ll be unstoppable!!!

Selected as a Speaker for Twin Cities SHRM 2019 Spring Conference

‪Excited to be selected as a speaker for the Twin Cities SHRM (Society For Human Resources Management) Spring Conference in May. One of the largest Human Resources Management chapters w/ 1000+ members.

I’ll be speaking on employee engagement & building the highest performing teams.

We’ll be playing my game, CardsAgainst, in the session that 10,000+ people are using to maximize their performance. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Southwest Airlines, Blue Cross Blue Shield, E&Y, CareHere, PRSA, Microsoft, Oracle, Worldwide Express and many others are using it to maximize employee and team performance and create the highest performing organizational culture.

Details are here and more will be announced shortly.

How to Get Great Feedback in Every Meeting You Lead

How to get great feedback in every meeting you lead:

1) Open a meeting and go through the agenda.

2) Ask a question you want feedback/help, brainstorm a topic or get ideas on a problem that needs solving.

3) Next, go around the room and ask for each person to give their viewpoint before the leader shares their thoughts.

Why? So that people aren’t catering to what they think the leader wants to hear.

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Best Leaders Focus on “We” not “Me”

‪The weakest (and most underperforming to their potential) leaders use “I” 2x as often as their peers. Focus on contribution and creating the environment for others to do the same.

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