What to Do When You Hate Your Boss (And How to Turn it Around)

Here is what to do when you hate your boss at work (and how to turn it around).

Step one, I’m putting you on a no complaining diet. Here is why.

You’ve probably heard or thought this before:

“I’m so frustrated and annoyed. My boss (or someone else in your organization) doesn’t get it. I’ve tried everything to perform well and make them happy, but nothing is working. I’m exhausted, upset, and they just suck. Maybe I’ll have to quit or transfer to another team.”

75% of people quit organizations because of their managers, not the organization itself. Poor management is a very real issue. Only 10% to 15% of managers are self-aware, but 95% believe that they are. There are tons of other statistics that go along with this.

But how is that going to help you deal with someone challenging or problematic?

It’s not.

You are the problem. That’s right. It’s YOU not THEM.

Acceptance is the first step in the process. For people who have severe behavioral issues, they can’t change until they accept the current situation and what’s going on. The same goes for you.

You aren’t going to change your manager, colleague, skip-level boss or CEO the organization. You will also always have to deal with difficult people in any place you work.

How you manage yourself is the key.

You have to change. You only can control two things: your behavior/actions/feelings and how you react.

You can quit, but in many instances, that’s not the answer. Changing how you engage is.

Here is what you do (this example will focus on your boss, but it could be anyone)?


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