Rethink Your Performance Reviews

A major shift in companies for performance reviews is that TEAMWORK is often more important than individual contribution. This makes sense because individual performance reviews are very backward. None of us can function alone. Every person is dependent on others. It’s the way we work with others both within and outside the company that defines our career success. It makes zero sense if you help others make their quota or hit their KPIs, and then get a poor performance review if you don’t hit yours? 

Research shows that organizations that include team, project, group, department or organizational objectives in their performance reviews significantly outperform those that only focus on individuals.

In today’s interconnected work world, we have to incent, promote and reward people for their teamwork, collective/enterprise-wide problem-solving, and willingness to take the time to help others. If not, it breeds siloed thinking and behaviors, which doesn’t help anyone.

The whole performance review process needs to be turned on its head. This one reason.

My Business Networking Advice on the Networking Rx Podcast

Frank Agin, founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections and host of Networking Rx, interviews Jason Treu (@jasontreu), a culture change and engagement expert for executives, managers, employees, and business owners and the best-selling author of Social Wealth: How To Build Extraordinary Relationships, which has sold more than 60,000 copies.

Here is the podcast link.

Why You Must Put Behaviors Behind Company Values

It’s not enough to just create company values or to post them on social media.  For the values to have any meaning you must educate your employees and teams on what those values look like behaviorally and integrate them into every process – hiring, onboarding, career paths, compensation, etc. 

Unless you put “teeth” behind the behaviors that support and advance they’re just empty “words” on the website. 

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Keynote Speaker at Inside Sales Event in Atlanta

Looking forward to speaking in Atlanta tomorrow on how to build high performing and engaged culture for sales teams. See the sign-up link below at Vonage office w/ MarketSource Inc.. 

We’ll also be discussing how to create great teamwork, resolve conflicts and more effectively communicate. This information can also be used with customers and prospects to close more deals and upsell

This is interactive. Attendees will play Cards Against Mundanity in small groups to experience what it feels like to build deep, trusted relationships in minutes. Everyone will get a PDF version of the game (& you can buy physical card deck). 25,000+ managers and employees are using it. (free pdf version) and physical card deck game (

I conducted similar keynote presentations this year at the AA-ISP Executive Leadership Retreat and at several chapters including Dallas, Austin, New York and Raleigh.

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