Why Your Stories Are Holding Back From Career Success

We Make Up Stories to Make Meaning

We form our own reality from the BS stories we make up.

We’re conspiracy theorists and a huge ball of emotions.

Once you embrace that truth, it’s way easier to live your life.

Unless something is 1+1=2 it’s a story!

Let it go.

Example: Leader of a group asks a question. You answer it. The person across from you rolls their eyes. You think (one) that person doesn’t like me, (two) they don’t like what I’m saying and/or (three) something about me bothers them. Well, all you know is they rolled their eyes. That’s it. You filled in the rest of the information. They could have remembered something they didn’t do. Got a text from a sick kid. Had a client yell at them.

It’s all a story you created in your mind. That’s your reality now unless you address it with that person.

It’s only TRUE because you MADE IT TRUE!

Make sense?

Here is what you do to resolve the story and write a new ending:

You address that privately with them by saying, “The story in my head is that….” That’s it. That disarms them immediately because of how you led into the conversation.

That’s “Why Your Stories Are Holding Back From Career Success!”


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How to Build an Effective Team for Your Business

How to Build an Effective Team—3 Expert Tips

“Talent wins games, but intelligence and teamwork win championships.”– Michael Jordan

In the game of business, everyone wants to win championships. But there is more to winning than getting a group of people into a conference room. You have to know how to build an effective team from the ground up.

Here are three simple ways to build and nurture a strong team for your business.

Establish Yourself As A Leader

You can’t have a strong team if you’re not a strong leader. Each member of your team should know that you’re the leader. But being a leader doesn’t mean lording your hierarchy over the rest of your team. It means listening, understanding, and guiding your team to success.

Start by doing some introspection. Build awareness of how you approach your leadership duties.

Are you willing to listen to suggestions? How do you communicate with your team? Do you stand ready to answer their questions or do you outsource that task?

INC.com put together a great leadership checklist to inspire your introspection session, so start there.

See what your answers reveal and work towards improving your leadership skills


Turning Fear into Fire (Quotes by Audra Lorde)

Turning Fear into Fire Audra Lorde from her book burst of light

From time-to-time, I’ll share quotes with you in areas that really impact me and others I come in contact with. Fear has been a really big theme lately with clients and friends. I really like this quote on Fear by poet, Audre Lorde, in her book A Burst of Light: and Other Essays (and from brain pickings).

“Seventeen days before she turned fifty, and six years after she underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer, Lorde was told she had liver cancer. She declined surgery and even a biopsy, choosing instead to go on living her life and her purpose, exploring alternative treatments as she proceeded with her planned teaching trip to Europe. In a diary entry penned on her fiftieth birthday, Lorde reckons with the sudden call to confront the ultimate fear:

I want to write down everything I know about being afraid, but I’d probably never have enough time to write anything else. Afraid is a country where they issue us passports at birth and hope we never seek citizenship in any other country. The face of afraid keeps changing constantly, and I can count on that change. I need to travel light and fast, and there’s a lot of baggage I’m going to have to leave behind me. Jettison cargo.”

Here is another quote from her:

“Survival isn’t some theory operating in a vacuum. It’s a matter of my everyday living and making decisions. How do I hold faith with sun in a sunless place? It is so hard not to counter this despair with a refusal to see. But I have to stay open and filtering no matter what’s coming at me…”

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