Speaker Testimonial by a Sales Organization

“Jason presented to our AA-ISP NYC, NJ, CT members chapter meeting where Jason conducted an interactive session. I’m still receiving reviews and feedback that he’s a phenomenal speaker and conducted an interactive session keeping everyone engaged and participating. Everyone left the evening with something to impact their teams and individual leadership abilities. I highly recommend Jason.”

Derek Garrard, Head Of Sales Development at Kustomer

Speaking event at Texoma HR Management Association

Great to speak at the Texoma HR Management Association today on maximizing employee engagement, building high performing teams and increasing teamwork, communication and innovation.

We played Cards Against Mundanity (small group team building/performance question-and-answer) to show how quickly you can skyrocket trust.

It’s built off a famous research study where in 45 minutes people built the closest relationships in their lives. 

Trust is everything. It’s THE business performance accelerator. 

Speaking event listing: https://thrma.org/event-3319012

I also conduct this as a team building workshop, leadership training and manager training in Dallas, Fort Worth and across the US.


CardsAgainstMundanity.com (download for free the team building and performance game more than 12000 employees are using).

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CardsAgainstMundanity.com (download for free). 

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Speaking at Social Media Dallas on 4/18 at 6:30pm

I’ll be speaking at Social Media Dallas event on Thurs, April 18 at 6:30pm on building the highest performing & most engaged teams (and on maximizing employee engagement). We will addressing how this specifically affects social media teams, public relations agencies, marketing and advertising professionals and many others.

We will be playing my game Cards Against Mundanity (group question-and-answer game) that skyrockets trust in minutes. It’s based on a research study where participants created the closest relationship in their lives in 45 mins. 1,000 employees have played it in companies such as Amazon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gillette, Oklahoma City Thunder, Google & many others.

TICKETS HERE: https://www.smdallas.org/event/social-media-dallas-presents-jason-treu/?fbclid=IwAR2LSpIDV69Iemyusb-IK-L5ynPJOavGOJD6sfilzFPncJ6v3unJIiZ7y7c

Inside Sales Keynote Speaker Testimonial on Team Building & Performance

“I loved your session in Tubac (at the Sales Leadership Summit), and have been exploring the files on the Google drive (and the Cards Against Mundanity game). Can’t wait to try it out with my team!

Based on your talk and suggestions, I came up with an idea I tried out. I led two sessions last week where reps shared their first concert with an associated memory, and we are now building a playlist of the hits. It is a great team building activity!”

Erin Metroff, Sr. Director of Inside Sales at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Keynote Speech in Raleigh for Sales Mangers and Leaders at AA-ISP

In this interactive #Raleigh Chapter meeting, attendees will learn how to “dial in” to the right behaviors to create a feeling of being connected to something bigger with every employee and team in your organization with Jason Treu! Learn more https://bit.ly/2UqM17x

Jason has presented to the Dallas, Austin, NY chapters and was the keynote speaker at the Inside Sales Leadership Retreat in February.

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Keynote Speaker Testimonial for PRSA Phoenix on Employee Engagement, Leadership and Management Best Practices

“Our Phoenix PRSA Chapter had the honor of hosting Jason at a recent member luncheon and to say we were impressed would be an understatement. His discussion on great leaders and team building was not only interesting and engaging, our opportunity to play his “Cards Against Mundanity” game was a literal revelation for many of us in the group. For, what might be the first time ever, members continued to stay and talk long after the event was over. Keep in mind this was a luncheon, in the middle of the work day, and people stuck around!

If you are ever looking for a keynote speaker Jason should be high on your list. He’s an expert in his field. He’s worked with some of the biggest companies out there, and his methods work!

We’d love to have him back anytime!” — Rachel Brockway, President, PRSA Phoenix

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