Top Tips & Take-A-Ways From The AA-ISP Spring Leadership Retreat (Where I Was a Keynote Speaker)

David Kreiger, President at SalesRoads, put these together. He attended the AA-ISP Spring Leadership where I was the keynote speaker.

4. Self-Awareness Is The Number One Predictor Of Your Career Success – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching

  • 95% of people think they are self-aware but only 5-15% really are!  It is these blind spots that can cripple your success.

5. Build Psychological Safety Within Your Team – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching

  • If you don’t have psychological safety you are not going to have a high performing team.
  • How Do You Build Psychological Safety?
    • Be open and honest with your team when you mess up!
    • Use your mistakes to show the team how to be open, honest and vulnerable.

6. Get Accurate Information By Truth Telling – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching

  • Ask your employees how they would rate your relationship on a scale from 1-10 and then how you can move it to closer to a 10.
  • Through this exercise you know how the other person is feeling and, if needed, you can do something to improve your relationship.

7. How To Give Negative Feedback – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching

  • It has been found that feedback is 40% more effective by prefacing it with the statement:  “I’m giving you these comments because I have very high expectations and I know that you can reach them.”

8. Support That Works – Jason Treu, Jason Treu Executive Coaching

  • “How can I best support you?”
               Instead of…
  • “If there is something I can do for you, let me know?” or “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Join me at AA-ISP Austin on February 28th Where I’ll Speak on Maximizing Employee Engagement and Performance

Join the Austin AA-ISP (inside sales professionals) Chapter to hear from @jasontreu, an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and teams to maximize their leadership potential and performance, along with building and executing their careerblueprint.

We will be discussing maximizing employee engagement and performance. You can apply these strategies and tactics with customers and prospects to close them faster and upsell them.

We will be playing my team building and performance game, Cards Against Mundanity, in small groups. Everyone will get a copy of the game and instructions on how to play it with their teams, customers and prospects.

More than 10,000 people have played the game including companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Gillette, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ernst & Young, CareHere, PRSA, SHRM, Utility Concierge, AA-ISP and many others. 

Workshop Speaker at Tri-State SHRM Annual Conference

Great to speak at the 2019 Annual Society of Human Resources Seminar | Tri-State #SHRM today on maximizing employee engagement & performance. We played the employee engagement game, Cards Against Mundanity (& people shared some amazing/vulnerable things). There were tears of joy shed.

PRSA Phoenix Keynote Speaker on Employee Engagement & Performance and Creating a High Performing Culture

Fantastic time speaking at PRSA Phoenix on Employee Engagement & Performance, and Building High Performing Culture & Teams.

We played my game, Cards Against Mundanity in small groups. It was amazing to see the interactions, sharing, vulnerability and caring. The group learned how to use this with internal teams, third parties like customers and prospects and across dynamic teams (globally and with other organizations).

Final speaking engagement this week. Now off to run the Phoenix Marathon!

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Keynote Speaker at PRSA Phoenix on Friday on Leadership, Employee Engagement and Team Performance

PRSA Phoenix Speaker Jason Treu

Speaking at PRSA Phoenix on Friday on leadership, employee engagement and team performance (in an amazing location). Looking forward to meeting some fantastic marketing, communication and social media professionals. I’ll be running the Phoenix marathon the day after!

#prsa #prsaphoenix #keynotespeaker  #teamperformance #leadership #employeeengagement  #communications #publicrelations #marketing #advertising 

PRSA Austin Speaking Event Feb 2019

Excited to be speaking at PRSA Austin in late February. We’ll be discussing maximizing employee engagement, performance, problem-solving, innovation and much more. Plus playing a fun game, Cards Against Mundanity to show how/why the strategies and tactics will work for attendees. 

#employeeengagement #prsa #prsaaustin #austin #publicrelations #PR #marketing #socialmedia #advertising #keynotespeaker #teambuilding #teamwork

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