When you do what most other people do, you will have what most other people have. Most people are miserable and unhappy, and their lives don’t work. They live in a world where they are lost and without hope. So just understand that that is where that information is coming from. Those limitations are learned and we create certainty around it, so we can’t be wrong.

The only place that the reality of that exists is in the conversations we have about it and in our agreement that’s how it is. Other than that, it’s open to change. In other words, if you are telling yourself that you have money, often times you say a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars. Ten thousand is just as easy to have as one thousand is, if you believe that it is. It’s only based on your belief that it would be harder, and you’ve been told that it’s harder. You’ve programmed your mind to work that way. It’s coming from society and people trapped inside their own perceived limitations. And so, it’s just as easy, and in fact can be easier, based on your beliefs, to aim higher.

Nicole Antoinette discussed how she wanted to get over her fear of public speaking. She could have started small and spoke to a group of 10 people, and then 20 people, and so on. But she decided to speak in front of 1,000 people first! Why waste your time and build up over time when you can just do it now.

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