We Make Up Stories to Make Meaning

We form our own reality from the BS stories we make up.

We’re conspiracy theorists and a huge ball of emotions.

Once you embrace that truth, it’s way easier to live your life.

Unless something is 1+1=2 it’s a story!

Let it go.

Example: Leader of a group asks a question. You answer it. The person across from you rolls their eyes. You think (one) that person doesn’t like me, (two) they don’t like what I’m saying and/or (three) something about me bothers them. Well, all you know is they rolled their eyes. That’s it. You filled in the rest of the information. They could have remembered something they didn’t do. Got a text from a sick kid. Had a client yell at them.

It’s all a story you created in your mind. That’s your reality now unless you address it with that person.

It’s only TRUE because you MADE IT TRUE!

Make sense?

Here is what you do to resolve the story and write a new ending:

You address that privately with them by saying, “The story in my head is that….” That’s it. That disarms them immediately because of how you led into the conversation.

That’s “Why Your Stories Are Holding Back From Career Success!”


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