Short Story Long Podcast Appearance (Top 50 Podcast on Apple Podcasts)

It was an honor to be on this fantastic podcast, Short Story Long. Chris “Drama” Pfaff was a star on the hit MTV Show, Rob & Big, and now has a VERY successful apparel and clothing line. His podcast is downloaded more than 500,000 times per month, making it one of the most popular ones on Apple Podcasts. You can listen to it here, watch the video above, and read the transcript below.

In the podcast on Short Story Long we discuss the following:

  • Why understanding your patterns creates massive business breakthroughs
  • How to eliminate your own blind spots and patterns that sabotage your success and your team’s success, and why it is the #1 way to maximize your performance and leadership over every else you can do
  • Why leadership training and development is broken and doesn’t work
  • Why your level of self-awareness is always higher than your social awareness, and that only 5% or less of people are high functioning on the self-awareness scale
  • How to build an extraordinary team with no money, and outflank your competition (even companies 5x or 10X bigger than you).
  • Why Google’s Project Aristotle is the secret to build a great team, holding effective brainstorming and elevating strategic thinking on a team- and company-level
  • Why psychological safety is the foundation for all great teams even though no one really does it other than Google (and how you can do it for free.)
  • And much more…

Jason Treu:                             At the end of the day, if we don’t have some accountability, you screwed.

Speaker 1:                               The hardest part is figuring out what you want to master.

Chris Pfaff:                              Just focus on your product.

Speaker 2:                               Can you tell somebody that they suck?

Chris Pfaff:                              You got to just go for it.

Speaker 3:                               This is exactly I want to do for a living.

Speaker 4:                               You can’t even tell somebody that their breath stick.

Chris Pfaff:                              Okay, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Short Story Long. We have a very special guest today. His name is Jason Treu. Jason, thanks for coming in.

Jason Treu:                             Hey, thanks for having me in the show today.

Chris Pfaff:                              Of course.

Jason Treu:                             Fun to fly out here today and …

Chris Pfaff:                              Did you fly out here just for this?

Jason Treu:                             I had some other things but …

Chris Pfaff:                              Yeah, we’ll say just for this.

Jason Treu:                             Just for this. Just for you.

Chris Pfaff:                              I feel special. Yeah.

Jason Treu:                             You’re so special.

Chris Pfaff:                              Yes. I’m really excited because you are an executive coach and I mean we’ll get into all of it, but I’m really interested in what you do and I think that for me, I’m 31 years old, I’ve had a business for close to 10 years now. I had always obviously heard about coaching and life coaching and executive coaching, all this different stuff and I will say that for a long time, I mean born and raised in Ohio, didn’t go to college and maybe my brain was a little turned off to these things, but I always thought it was just, I don’t know, not for me or didn’t really understand what it even was and whatever. It wasn’t until I actually did an interview with somebody who now is a really good friend of mine named Cavion who does a lot of life coaching type stuff.

Chris Pfaff:                              After his podcast, he said, “Hey man, that was so cool and there was so many people that listened to that. Let me give you a couple sessions for free.” I said, “All right, I’ll do it. I’ll answer whatever questions you asked me, I’ll listen to your advice.” I mean even just his perspective and his outside knowledge on my life and what I’m doing right and wrong was really, really useful and that …

Jason Treu:                             What did you learn?


How to Improve Innovative Thinking Company-Wide

How to improve strategic thinking skils

How to increase creativity and strategic thinking in any company

“How can you increase strategic and innovative thinking company-wide?” This question from a former client of mine also goes to increasing problem-solving and how to hold an effective brainstorming session. I wanted to share the answer with you so that you can use it in your organization.

Most people go about attacking this challenge THE WRONG WAY. It gets them very little results. Done right, you can get massive ROI and game-changing results. And it costs very little do.

Question: Do you order the furniture for a house first or do you build the foundation?

If you have a crappy foundation, the whole house will fall down. You have to start at the foundation. Increasing strategic and creative thinking starts not in a conference room, but in the culture of the company and/or the team level.

Here is a blueprint for a plan I’ve done many times. You can use a version of this in your organization.


Client Success Story (Screenshot Example)

Client Success Story and Client Testimonial Jason Treu Executive Coaching

“…and Jason Treu for being an awesome coach. Without him, there is no way I would be where I am today.”

Love it when you get an amazing client to share their story (without any prompting). That’s a screenshot from Facebook.



Apple Earpods versus Bose Earbuds – Which Should You Buy?

I was in the market for earbuds back in November and made a mistake. I don’t want you to do the same thing. I got the Bose earbuds over Apple.

They were “supposedly” water resistant. Well, they weren’t. It’s been a huge pain to get a new pair, and now I was told I have to purchase a new pair. That isn’t happening.

Bose was pretty clunky. It was challenging to pair them sometimes with devices, and the app didn’t work great. The sound was good, but that was it. The battery life was horrible. I was always running out of power.

So I said screw it, I’m going to Apple (which I should have done in the first place).


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