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“Cards Against Mundanity” Teambuilding Workshop is a fun and engaging team building activity and game that works for any size organization or team to boost productivity, performance, and employee retention and satisfaction.

During the workshop you’ll learn:

  1. Why teams thrive and falter, and how you can quickly implement strategies that will make an immediate impact on your team(s).
  2. Play my breakthrough team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, that people love. Your team will walk away much closer together and see you will see the impact on their performance, engagement, and interactions the next day.

What are the benefits teams and organizations have seen after the workshop?

  1. Improve performance, productivity and gained market share
  2. Improve decision making
  3. Increase employee retention and satisfaction
  4. Increase communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation
  5. Get higher levels of engagement, where people care deeply about other people’s success as well as the team and organization
  6. Increased motivation for people to tackle difficult problems
  7. Increase accountability and reduce people blaming others for mistakes and failures
  8. Improve customer retention

If you are looking to improve your team’s performance using a fun, quick and proven methodology, connect with me here or go to

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