jason treu executive coach speaking at networkbar dallas, texas on business networking and team building

Speaking last night at the Network Bar on Building Extraordinary Business Relationships & Capitalizing on Your Existing Network. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-capitalize-on-your-network-tickets-43722820132

Speaker Series Event with Jason Treu at NetworkBar Dallas

Building a network is an important part of growing in your career. However, simply building a network and knowing lots of people is only part of the battle. Understanding how to effectively capitalize on your network can be the difference between mediocrity and stellar success. Come listen to Jason Treu talk about how you can effectively use your network to help you succeed and that can help others find success along the way.

Here are some of my speaking notes you can check out.


70% of jobs networking

Sales is easier

Social capital (relationship net worth) – value of the direct x indirect

  1. Making sure you have the right network you need
  2. Self-awareness/social awareness is the #1 predictor for success and fulfilment
    1. 10% of people are self-aware; less than 5% for high performers
    2. Execs overestimating their abilities (more experience, more senior you are the more you overestimate your abilities and how others perceive you)
  1. Nurture & invest in the relationships with people over time
  2. Lead with giving, helping and inspiring and seek to help when possible
  3. Manage at a group level vs individual
  4. Ask for help (be specific)


  1. Follow a philosophy of creating psychological safety to maximize your interactions (caring and sharing, leading with vulnerability.)

Working on teams and researching – dislike, neutral, like and love

psychological safety is the foundational element for deep relationships. Know you personally.

Connecting on an emotional level. Similarities.

Trust is the glue. Vulnerability then trust.

People that will help you the most will be the ones you’ve been the most vulnerable with.

Questions to ask people to make an emotional connection: what’s exciting going on in your life? what projects are you working on that you are passionate about?

Play games at a dinner party, brunch you set up, etc.

2) Relationship positioning

Define givers/takers/matchers (boundaries)

If you lead with giving on the front-side, you’ll make it much easier. Giving can be listening, providing a suggestion of something to do, a contact introduction

Wealthy or very successful people concerned you will take and steal. Open through giving.

Relationships are like bank accounts you have to make deposits first.

If you run a negative balance, problems occur

Law of reciprocity works in your favor

3) Manage at a group level

Hub level is most valuable – spokes

Meet people you don’t often know what they can offer or what they can offer others

Set up a Jeffersonian dinner

4) Ask for help

What is the specific help you need and why?

Ask someone, “Do you know anyone that could help me?”

Disarming, and not as much in your face

Leverage their network

Follow up as needed


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