Maximize team performance (and all metrics) by getting people to care about each other. It trumps everything else. You can hire “b” players and be much farther ahead then if you have “A” players and people don’t care about each other.

The fastest way to increase revenue, profit, and satisfaction isn’t through training it’s through better relationships.

“The researchers found out what distinguished the ‘good’ teams from the dysfunctional one was how teammates treated one another. This was much more important than even if all the members were exceptionally bright.”

It starts with team building.

Get my free breakthrough game that 3,000 people and 50+ organizations (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, PRSA Dallas, Interview Connections, etc.) are using, Cards Against Mundanity. It’s simple to play and comes with all the instructions. It takes five minutes to set up and delivers a huge ROI immediately afterward.

Here’s a testimonial from Google senior leaders on my workshop two weeks ago in NYC: “The workshop and game were excellent: the team was very appreciative of the event, and it kept coming up as one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. As a manager, that was great to hear. Throughout the following two days, we hosted some guests from other groups, and we asked them to answer random cards in front of the audience: some of their answers were surprisingly deep and instantly helped to establish trust between them and our teams.” 

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