Logistical Labs Customer Conference in Chicago

I had a fantastic time last week speaking on building the highest performing teams at the Logistical Labs Customer Event in Chicago.¬†We also played my game, Cards Against Mundanity, a team build game where participants share their life experiences through questions and answers in small groups from 4 to 12 people. It’s similar to Cards Against Humanity, but more fun, more vulnerable, and more about your life. It’s amazing to see how animated people get, their voices getting louder, everyone leaning in, smiles on their faces, and it’s hard to get them stopping talking!

They were a great inquisitive group of managers and leaders from across the United States that cared deeply about serving their clients and organization.

Logistical Labs, makers of LoadDex, are the SaaS platform for collecting, analyzing, and acting on supply chain data. With their suite of analytics products, users can make better informed pricing and quoting decisions through data-driven insights and social collaboration. Open API access allows users to easily integrate products into their existing business applications for improved process efficiency. Logistical Labs was named a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics in 2018.


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