Testimonial on my Corporate Team Building Workshop at Ernst and Young

Here is a testimonial on my corporate team building workshop at Ernst & Young (EY) in Dallas. I presented to a group of 100 and had them do a team building activity as well.

“Jason did an outstanding job invigorating and motivating our members as the first speaker for EY Young Guns Toastmasters’ Distinguished Speaker Series. His presentation “How to like your coworkers” fell on eager ears as we all went on this journey through his speech to challenge ourselves to build better relationships with our coworkers so that we could build better performing teams in our workplace. He approached the matter with facts, statistics, and personal testimonies so that everyone could understand how to execute and implement his advice.

Jason has a rare gift of charismatic insight that allows him to command the attention of the audience and deliver an impactful message. His delivery was fantastic and engaging.

Jason on behalf of EY Young Guns and myself, I appreciate the valuable contribution you made in making our Distinguished Speaker Series a success. Our members are still singing your praise. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and the wisdom you have shared have had an impact on our organization and the bonds we create as we work together.”

Lonnada Green, Ernst & Young, Enterprise Support Service & Vice President of Public Relations, EY YoungGuns

Testimonial for my Team Building Game, Cards Against Mundanity

“I played your team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, with my wife. We both really enjoyed it. We did a modified version — reading a few of the cards and having a discussion with some of them. Thank you. It was very beneficial in our relationship.”
Matthew Silverman
Digital Marketing Strategist, UPS

Speaker Testimonial

“I have known Jason for over a decade.  In addition to his skill as a major connector of people, he is spot on when it comes to corporate culture, leadership and helping C-level executives identify their blind spots.

I would highly recommend him if you are looking to take your company and culture to the next level.”

Darren Squires
Director of Digital Strategy

Conducted a Leadership Workshop on Self Awareness and Blind Spots for the Houston-Galveston Area Council

Great day yesterday doing a session on self-awareness and emotional intelligence to increase performance, collaboration and innovation with the Houston-Galveston Area Council. We discussed how to remove blind spots and patterns that sabotage success, along with two questions that allow you to much more effectively and efficiently manage others, and manage your relationships.

Fantastic group of motivated and engaged individuals.

Also met with one of the top oil/gas companies and narrowing down a date for a workshop with Houston PRSA for October.

Mad-Libs Exercise to Build a Higher Performing Team

mad libs team building exercise

Team Building Exercise: Mad-Libs

According to all the recent data, including Gallup poll, employee disengagement is at an all-time high. Internal and employee surveys are not telling the whole story of what’s going on.

The organizations that spend time creating close connections through sharing activities are seeing significant productivity and performance returns. Creating psychological safety is the foundation on which all great teams are built. Without it, a team will be underperforming according to the research and my observations of more than 70+ teams.

For example, people who have their best friend at work perform 7x higher than the average employee in that organization. Also, people on teams who share more information about themselves perform higher.

Why? People who share more like the people around them more just by being able to open up.



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