Here’s a free webinar on how to build the highest performing teams (and a free game to use as well). More than 5000+ people are using these strategies and processes including organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Worldwide Express, PRSA, E&Y and many others. I spent more than 3+ years researching, interviewing and observing most of Forbes/Fortune’s top 10 workplaces to see firsthand what teams are doing, behavior, and thinking.

This also applies to individuals because you can influence the team and create the optimal environment around you.

What’s the best team you’ve ever been on? The team that was the most cohesive, cooperative, deeply connected, and productive. Maybe it was a job, a sports team, club, startup, an event you were apart of, etc.

How did it feel to be connected to something bigger, to sort of lose yourself in that moment?

That feeling you just thought of is…THE…most…powerful…business…asset…on…earth. It’s what separates the top 1% from all the rest.

Leaders struggle and stay awake at night trying to figure out how to create that feeling and conditions for others to thrive.

Unfortunately, many leaders believe that creating this is like your DNA – you either have it or not. It’s not luck nor an accident.

Business leaders can learn how to “dial in” to the right behaviors and environment to put every person in a peak state of performance and innovation.

Individuals, managers, leaders, human resources, and executives can use the strategies and processes. You can also use them externally with prospects, clients, key partners, etc.

You’ll learn how to create and operationalize this in a team and across an organization.

You can also download my free team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, so you can experience why it will work. I have a team building/performance workshop I conduct as well.

“The workshop and game were excellent. The team was very appreciative of the event, and it kept coming up as one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. As a manager, that was great to hear.

Throughout the following two days, we hosted some guests from other groups, and we asked them to answer random cards in front of the audience. Some of their answers were surprisingly deep and instantly helped to establish trust between them and our teams.”

Alberto Grazi, Google’s Head of Americas Video Solutions Consulting

“Jason did a great job of not only giving me the nudge I needed to explore a team workshop but he also did a fantastic job of organizing and running it!

The workshop was very beneficial and our leaders immediately felt the impact it had on the team as a whole.

Whether you have a high or low performing team I would highly recommend Jason’s workshops as a great tool to improve the team’s performance.”

Josh Pluemer, Vice President of Operations, WORLDWIDE EXPRESS

Three Things You’ll Learn:

1) Why 99% of teams underperform/lack innovation

2) Strategies, behaviors, and processes of the top 1%

3) How to operationalize team performance and innovation

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