One top three biggest complaints I’ve received from hundreds of senior executives is employees don’t think like a CEO (enterprise-or company-wide. They think in a silo (narrow in scope & impact) and view the company from their team/group perspective. This doesn’t foster a contribution mindset nor problem-solving in a top-down/across-an-organization fashion.

Turn the table around. The CEO doesn’t just think about your group. They have to take into consideration all of them. Why shouldn’t you? Imagine how much more strategic you’ll be?

This IS the way to fast-track your career.

Also, many senior leaders don’t do this either. The ones that do really stand out and accomplish the most.

Here are some ways to up-level your thinking:

-Understand the company you work for and the business you are in (sales-driven, manufacturing, etc.)
-How the company makes money (end-to-end)
-Who the end customer is
-How what you do every day fits into the strategy of the company
-Goals, challenges and opportunities to each group (and how you can help them).This requires you to meet with people 1:1.
-Goals, challenges and opportunity of your colleagues
-You also need to understand the culture and how things really get done.

If you were “CEO” for the day, what would you do/change?

Start thinking like a CEO not like an employee. You’ll see a significant shift in how many people view, your success and fulfillment and cash in your pocket.

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