Are you their friend or enemy? You are in one or the other camp (whether you like it or not). You have to earn the right to get in their inner circle. It’s how our brains are wired.

To fast-track biz success, you’ve got to build high level of trust quickly. You do that not by pitching them, but getting to know them personally. You need to create the feeling (in 5 mins or less) that you’ve known the person forever. You do that by leading with vulnerability and opening them up.

Why? Because belonging is our DNA. Everyone wants it and they can never get enough of it. People want to open up and share, it’s just most people don’t care & don’t want to listen. People don’t want to hide behind their mask. So be the person that allows them to take it off.

How? Ask them deep personal questions the first time you meet them. Uncomfortable? Yes, but the research proves it works. The other way is slow and doesn’t work.

What questions (here are two examples):
1) What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last year? Why?
2) What’s a setback that turned into a blessing in disguise? Why was it?

You can also get my team building game ( for free and play it with them. Use two questions that you both answer. It will take you 3-4 minutes.

Do the opposite of the other 99% and you’ll skyrocket your results.

Try it and see how it works. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Are you their enemy or friend?

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