‪Questions you ask will play a major role in your business success with managers, leaders, clients, etc.

Increase your authenticity, truth-telling, vulnerability, caring and candidness in your questions, and you’ll see success rocket. ‬

For example, if you want to know where your business relationship stands with someone, which question would work better and be more clear and accurate?

Let’s take an example with your boss or any senior level manager. Would you choose one or two?

1) Is everything good in our relationship? Or how do you think our relationship is going?

2) Rate our relationship on a scale 1-10 (one being poor, 10 great). Why did you give that rating? What could I do to move it closer to a 10?

Which would would you choose?

#2 is significantly better and paints a much more accurate picture of where you stand. 99% of people have an innaccurate view of their relationship (bad or good). Because they are uncomfortable with truth-telling.

Questions matter.

Ask better ones.






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