Your level of “self-awareness” is ceiling on your career/business success, management, leadership and relationship abilities and overall happiness.

Let me explain why.

Oprah talked about this last year in an interview (about her business journey).

“If you’re not talking about the trauma (and unconscious patterns sabotaging your success), you’re talking about the wrong thing. It’s not about “what’s wrong with that person?” but rather “What happened to that person?””

Every person eventually hits their ceiling where their skills/abilities tap out, which leads to much lower performance and negative outcomes. 

The only way to break through is to understand the root problems of why you are stuck (which includes pattern analysis to understand how you got there either through learned behaviors and/or trauma (which can be anything that caused you pain)). 

The CEO who is a poor listener and doesn’t take feedback may lack information on how to do it. They may also have grown up in a household of six children where they had to shout over people to get heard. So they learned listening wasn’t useful. 

If you just gave the CEO feedback, they’d often reject it because our mind is wired for survival (ie don’t tell me I’m broken). If you point out a pattern, you don’t engage your fight/flight part of your brain and they won’t often reject it.

You then can create very subtle/simple solutions to remove this barrier. Things such as talking last in meetings, asking more why questions in conversations, practicing empathy, etc.

You’ll instantly be back on track major significant progress. 

But if you don’t, you’ll this ceiling will crater your life as it leads to bringing to rock bottom.

100% of people will go through this. The difference is who takes action and who doesn’t.

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