Want to know the culture of an company? Ask people to tell stories/analogies about things that happen there that wouldn’t occur anywhere else.

This is also a great exercise for Human Resources, leader in charge of company culture, CEO, board member, and executive team member.

(I bet probably .01% of those leaders have ever asked that question.

It will tell them the truth about the culture. It’s a form of truth serum.

This key information is directly linked to performance, employee engagement and how much people care about the company.)

After you ask three or more people, look for the common themes (or lack of ones).

You’ll uncover significant insights by asking three people that question.

You’ll notice things like:

  1. Levels of trust, caring, support and vulnerability
  2. Value they place on creativity, innovation and risk-taking
  3. Is psychological safety present or not?
  4. Company values
  5. Does that company prioritize building great relationships?
  6. Do they develop their employees and help them build their career

Organizations can’t hide this information as long as you ask the questions. You hold the power. Use it!

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