Here is an email I replied back to a help a manager/leader increase employee engagement, team building and overall performance in their management team and with employees. “3 Great Employee Engagement and Team Meeting Activities.”

“Here are a few other ideas that have been proven to increase engagement, happiness, performance, problem-solving, teamwork and more:

  • #1 Picture Exercise
    • Have everyone bring a picture that’s important to them. Give them one minute to share who is in it, why they choose the picture and what impact this picture has had on their life
    • Go around the room and give everyone 30 seconds to one minute to mention one person in the room they are grateful for and explain the impact they had on them.
  • #2 Random Email of Kindness (Two versions)
    • Have each person in your team write an email to send to a member of the group (1 of the 12) that expresses the impact they have had on them. Spend a maximum of five minutes writing it (so it should only be a couple paragraphs or less in length). Have each person send it one hour or less before your meeting. So you can write it ahead of time, just not send it.
    • You can also do it that each member of the group sends an email to an employee (not one of the group members). I’d have each person send it to a person NOT inside their work function. For example, Finance manager would send it to a legal, HR, marketing, etc. employee. I think it means more to be recognized across the organization. You wouldn’t do anything other than the email. 
  • #3 Above and Beyond Award
    • Give an award every month to one employee that has gone above and beyond. You can ask employees for feedback and the team of 12. Team of 12 decides on who it is. Either give them that award in a company meeting or have them come to your meeting. 
    • Have one of the 12 read outloud a paragraph or so on why they choose the person. End it with, “We value you because…(either create something new everytime or say, “We value you because you went above and beyond!”). Send an email out companywide on it. I’d give $50 Visa Gift Card (or something like that) and possibly balloons you put up in the area they work. Feel free to get creative.

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