“Thank you for speaking at our SHRM seminar in Texarkana on Tuesday. You presented such valuable information that will be useful in my position at work as well as my dealings with people in other areas of my life. How generous of you to speak at our event and provide your notes and game to us at no charge! I appreciate that so very much.

I thought you might like a little feedback about how we are already using the information you presented. Our management team (about 12 key leaders) meets every Friday morning. We plan to pass around one question each week to help us get to know each other on a deeper level and connect personally rather than just professionally. It went great this morning! We found out some things about each other we never would have known otherwise and the team seemed relaxed with great interaction as we continued our meeting. I am looking forward to continuing this each week and see our good team become an excellent team.

Thank you again for your time and generosity. I wish you the best!

Melinda Wommack, Human Resources/Finance, Hospice of Texarkana”

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