Fear of not being enough sabotages our success. It manifests itself in two limiting beliefs:

1) I’m not __fill-in-the-blank__ enough (smart, analytical, experienced, extroverted, creative, etc.)

2) Who do I think I am? (Imposter Syndrome)

Important points:

1) You can only master a few things. You’ll feel like a novice most of the time. Why? Because in today’s world, you are required to do things the first time more than ever before. 

2) Everyone who is advancing suffers from imposter syndrome (100% of the 1000 leaders I’ve interviewed said they have it. You will too).

3) Confidence-Competence loop. You have to break it. Otherwise you’ll always feel like your not enough.

What should you do:

1) Education, empathy, and self-compassion. If business was easy everyone would be successful. They aren’t. It’s ongoing challenging situation. You are never done learning.

2) Focus more on your strengths than what you lack

3) Develop yourself in self-awareness, relationships, leadership, management and managing/engaging with others

4) Realize failure is a part of the success process. You only fail if you stop. 

5) Manage your emotions and emotional landscape. We are all emotional. Ignoring this hurts you and everyone you interact with (live and digitally).

Facing fear is how you move past it. Ignoring it isn’t. What you resist will persist. It won’t go away. In fact, it will get worse.

Taking action and using uncertainty as your friend will help you move through fear much more quickly. You won’t ever be fearless, but can manage fear much, much better!

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