Hiring very talented isn’t enough. In fact, it’s probably a waste of time and money. Here’s why. The interviewing process is expensive both in costs and people’s time. Then an organization places that expensive employee in a low performing workplace to waste away or underperform to their capabilities.

Employees have to be in workplaces where they are ABLE and WILLING to use their talents. That’s how you maximize employee performance and engagement.

Unfortunately that’s pretty rare. I’ve observed 200+ employee teams over the last two years to collect data and see how many of them are really operating at peak performance.

Here are a few data points to back that up (and much more out there):

  • 70% of employees are disengaged
  • Only 16% of emoloyees are at peak performance
  • 70% of teams are dysfunctional
  • 86% of executives cite poor communication and collaboration as a reason for missed deliverables, KPIs, sales and other key metrics
  • Only 28 % of managers are skilled in engaging and managing employees effectively
  • 75% of employees quit because of poor managers
  • Trust is at an all-time low in the workplace

There are less than 10% of those workplaces that create the environment for employees to excel. The above data shows you how bad the situation is.

Is yours one of them or not? If you can’t answer immediately and with certainty, you most likely have significant room for improvement.

Make it a company priority in 2019. You’ll crush your competitors and metrics if you do.

Because you can fix all the challenges above for pennies on the dollars. It’s much cheaper than any other growth.

If you don’t, your competitors will. Nokia didn’t believe it. IBM didn’t believe it. Blockbuster didn’t either. It’s too late when you figure it out. The damage is done. Get ahead of the curve and act now with urgency.

Hiring talented people isn’t enough. It’s not even tablestakes anymore. Organizations must do better if they want to be leaders.

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