Just surpassed 60,000 copies sold with my book, Social Wealth. Never thought when I launched it would do this well. It took 13 months to write, edit and publish (along w/ one content update in 2017). 

Good things are never easy to do. You have to be willing to put in blood, sweat and tears in order to make it happen. Anyone can if they are determined, focused and passionate about what they want to accomplish. 

You see all these “become a successful author” programs. They can help especially on the marketing side. But YOU have to do the research, soul searching, courageous writing and all the pain-staking, back-breaking steps…if you want to have a good/great book. 

Why do something half-ass? Sure it’s quicker, but the impact is low. Most people have a lot more they can put into their books. 

Share your greatness with the world in whatever you do. It’s not easy, but you can do it.

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