While going through my LinkedIn, phone book, text messages and other social channels I realized…I really have built up an AMAZING network! It’s fantastic to see all of the valuable professional & personal connections I’ve made. I’m fortunate to have done so. Can you say the same? ⁣

If the answer is no, you may want to consider taking action. You never know, you could be one connection and/or “click” away from meeting a person who can change your business, career, and life.

You are one interaction away from getting everything you want. You just don’t know which interaction it will be. It’s time to invest for the long-term)

After speaking with more than 50,000 people on relationship building and business networking (and writing a best selling book, Social Wealth), here are things to keep in mind :

  • The best relationship builders and “networkers” are ones that are amphibious – they understand how to build successful relationships both online and offline.
  • They understand how to connect online and move offline to meet “in-person.”
  • They have a process to build high levels of trust and rapport in minutes by using vulnerable self-disclosures to allow the other person to share things they would only discuss with people in their inner circle.
  • They understand how to give with boundaries, while being unattached to outcomes. They also know what to ask for and how.
  • They know influencers and well-known individuals greatest fears and hot-buttons and how to navigate around them.
  • And that’s just the start…

BOTTOM LINE: There’s no time like NOW to reach out and contact that person you always wanted to speak to, meet in person, mentor you, partner with you, etc.

Don’t be afraid. What’s the worst that could happen? They may ignore you? They don’t respond?

What if they do? What would be possible if one of the 50 people you reached out wanted to engage with you?

It’s a numbers game (so don’t expect every person to respond). Plus, timing is everything.

Get started today!!! Remember, you are only one interaction away from getting everything you always wanted, you just don’t know which interaction that may be!!!

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