“Trust is the one thing that changes everything.” – Stephen M.R. Covey

All the greatest teams have one thing in common – extremely high-levels of trust, caring and connection that brings out the absolute best in each person and enables the team to acccomplish seemingly impossible feats together.

Why? Trust is THE essential ingredient, lubricant, glue that makes it all work. Without it, you don’t have high performance.

Do you know the level of trust in your company and/or team you are leading (or on)? I bet the answer is no. If the answer is yes, hats off to you. You are in a very select and small category. For the rest, not knowing is costing you $$$.

Ignorance is not bliss! So here’s a quick process to help you measure and assess where you are at. Awareness is the first step.

Here’s a two-question (anonymous) survey to assess & improve trust in an organization or team (which correlates to your level of performance): 

1) How would you rate the level of trust in our organization on a scale of 1 to 10? (1=watching your back to 10=feel very safe sharing, asking for help, making suggestions, etc.)

2) What would need to change to raise your rating to a 10 or closer to it? (Meaning what positive actions would you need to see and what negative actions would need to stop).

You could also do this with your customers, board of directors, vendors and other stakeholders.

It will reveal quite a bit. In most instances, you’ll find your organization has work it needs to do. A very small percentage of organizations will score 9 or 10.

You’ll need to make trust building a company/organizational priority.

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