90% companies who create value statements for employees to follow are completely wasting their time. Brene Brown (In her new book), Gartner Group & other research show that employees aren’t living out those values in their behavior. BUT they can be powerful if you have a structured process to create company values.

Here’s a test to see if you know your company values and if they make an impact:

“Can you tell a story about something that happens in your company that would not happen anywhere else? What company values does the story line up with?”

Not many people can answer that. 

Here is a process you can use to create game-changing values. 

1) Create a short list of guiding principles for your company. I’d keep it to three.

2) For each value write out the behaviors an employee needs to exhibits in order to embody it.

3) Each month, take one of those principles and focus on it. Market it, educate and show examples of it. 

4) Reward employees for exhibiting that one principle.

5) Include it in performance check-in reviews, bonuses, etc. 

6) For hiring, use values to focus on cultural contribution rather than cultural fit  so you hire diverse people rather just people who think alike.

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