How are you perceived at your organization? (See a test below). Most people are often uncertain or unaware of what they project. This lack of self-awareness kills our progress and career. 

What we intend to project is often different than our impact. For example, we may believe we are open to feedback, but other people may experience we are closed off. We may think we listen, but other people may perceive we speak over them. Intent doesn’t equal impact.

Here’s a test to gauge how people perceive you:

Ask 6 people you work w/ two questions.

1) What do you think other people perceive as my greatest strengths and challenges?

2) What’s one thing I could do that would have the biggest impact on my performance and perception?

Resist the temptation to debate or question. Only seek information to clarify and/or to get examples. Thank people at the end. Not everyone may be willing to be candid. That’s ok. Find others that will.

After you get the data, look for patterns. Come up with specific actions to close the gap on how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. 

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