You can see above the great discussions that went on today in Houston at the PRSA Southwest District Conference at my presentation on team building.

Click on the above links to the see the small group interactions.

We discussed how to build the highest performing teams today. We also played by team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, in small groups so everyone could interactively experience why these strategies and tools will help them perform, collaborate and communicate much, much better.

Teamwork is the most important soft skill moving forward (slightly ahead of self awareness). It’s the least understood and very few people can run great teams. But it’s a critical skill everyone needs. You aren’t born with it. You have to learn it just like a technical skill and it’s just as complicated. But there are is a fast track process to building great teams. And you can apply it to third parties such as customers, partners, media and analysts. – Get the free PDF game and consider doing either an in-person workshop or assisted remote one. Soon I’ll be launching a physical, poker style cards you can use.

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