If you manage people read this: 32% of a worker’s loyalty is the result of feeling trust towards their boss (according to a recent study). Employees are 12 times more likely to recommend the company as a great employer when their manager listens to them (and very few do).

How certain are you that your team trusts you? Have you asked them directly?

But what does it actually take for an employee to trust their boss?

One of THE top reasons is if an employee’s boss responded constructively when they shared their work challenges/problems. Only 23% of people say that when they share their work problems with their leader, they “always” respond constructively. That’s horrible and easily fixable.

Here are three questions to help you understand your employee’s roadblocks (and then work with them to solve it). You’ll also increase performance, engagement, and motivation. All of those things will help you get promoted and stand out much more.

1) “What can I do to make you more effective?”

2) “What roadblocks have you been facing?” “What’s been getting in the way for you lately?”

3) “What things have been frustrating you at work lately?” 

Hope you enjoyed, “What Manager Can Do to Get Employees to Trust Them More (3 Questions to Ask).”

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