99.9% of organizations biggest challenges stem from failing the most fundamental and most overlooked question: “DO I or DON’T I TRUST YOU?” 

1) Do your employee buy-in? No, because they don’t trust the organization, leadership, their manager or someone/something.

2) Why aren’t they communicating, collaborating, problem solving better? 

3) Why aren’t they innovating more?

4) Why aren’t employees performing at their highest level daily?

5) Why aren’t 99% employees recommending your workplace to others?

6) Why isn’t your organization growing and scaling faster? It easy could be.

And the list goes on…

Lack of trust is the first challenge to solve before hiring, onboarding, innovation, competitiveness, increasing growth, etc. 

Because if each employee doesn’t have a contribution mindset, if they aren’t coming to work and giving their all, and if they don’t deeply care about the people they work with and the customers, the organization is significantly underperforming. 

Stop focusing on the leaf on the tree. Look at the root cause. You are wasting significant money and time. 

Trust is where it all starts and ends.

You don’t have a communication problem. You have a trust problem. Solve it. 

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