Here’s a pledge every employee has to agree to before starting work at WD-40 (no matter what their level). I really like it as a tool. Any organization can set up something similar and make it apart of the hiring process. I’d give to any prospective hire and tell them it’s a requirement to agree to this before you start your first day.

I am responsible for taking action, asking questions, getting answers, and making decisions. I won’t wait for someone to tell me. If I need to know, I’m responsible for asking. I have no right to be offended that I didn’t ’get this sooner.’ If I’m doing something others should know about, I’m responsible for telling them.

I think it sets a particular tone about how people communicate, collaborate and engage. It sets a standard the first day any employee starts to work.

It also does two important things for WD-40:

  • Sets up learning a priority so employees don’t get stagnant. What worked yesterday and today won’t work tomorrow.
  • Focused on accountability and taking action. Employees are required to be proactive.

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