Don’t reject yourself first.

Don’t think you can get or deserve the job? Apply for it.

Don’t think your post is good enough? Publish it.

Don’t think you can do it? Go for it.

Don’t think you should email that person? Write and send it.


1) Stop waiting around for confirmation. You’ll never be “ready.”

2) Our brains are wired for negativity. Our thoughts try to keep us safe. Their job isn’t to make us happy or successful.

3) Amazon’s company philosophy is act boldly on 70% of the information you need. Getting 90% costs a lot, wastes time and requires perfect execution. 

Act boldly and take action today. Don’t reject what you believe may happen before it’s actually happened. 

PS: This doesn’t mean don’t be prepared, learn, acquire skills, network, etc. It means you have to ask in spite of your thoughts and fears.

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