The biggest challenge a company faces isn’t hiring. It’s integrating employees into a complex organism that can’t stop/won’t stop moving forward. Figuring this out (continuously) is mandatory.

The ones that do outperform others and have a major competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Here are three benefits your company will see:

  1. Get employees to perform at their highest level on a daily basis, maximize their engagement and reduce turnover.
  2. Significantly reduce confusion, conflicts, and unmet expectations.
  3. Significantly increase communication and teamwork.

Here are four critical questions to ask to see if your company is building the right strategies, systems, and processes:

1) Is my company building “extreme” trust with every hire? Do we ensure every team has it? Extreme trust is the #1 requirement for extraordinary performance and lack of trust is the root cause for 99% of the problems. It’s the glue that connects all the employees. On a 1 to 5 scale, “Do I trust my (manager/team/etc.)?” If it’s not a 5, research show’s it’s as good as a 1.

2) Do employees have a “user manual” to understand how each one of their team members and manager’s work?

Otherwise you are hope that employees figure out how to communicate, collaborate and engage with each other. This rarely works out well. And hope is a really poor business strategy.

3) Does my company have a set of operating values that provide the framework for all decision making? Are we using it in hiring and assessing performance?

Why? Because your company needs to build a process where you trust hundreds/thousands/ten-of-thousands of employees to do their work the way the management team would do their own work.

4) Are we conducting an employee every six months to track their experience? Are we asking the right questions? What are we doing with that information?

These four strategies and actions are essential to scaling a company quickly and getting every employee engaged and performing at their highest level.

Your company is like an organism. It’s complex, multi-faceted and ever-changing. You’ve got to care, prioritize, monitor and invest in it order for it to grow and flourish.

If you can’t, you’ll have a major problem that needs to be addressed because decisions and actions are being taking

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