Jason Hartman talks with Jason Treu, author of Social Wealth: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships by Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Lead and Network. The two discuss ways that you can improve your social worth, expanding your network by focusing on others rather than on your own self.

The two look into the potential power of mastermind groups or just informal get-togethers, as well as why you should never let your network become stagnant. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[1:29] The basic concept of social wealth

[4:38] The one downside to paying to be in the right room with experts

[8:01] Deep self-awareness is crucial to building relationships with other people

When you start looking around the room or thinking about other things, people notice and can tell you don’t care” Click to tweet

[10:22] The building blocks of building relationships are rapport, likability, and trust

The quickest way to build trust with someone is to show you care

[13:47] The easiest way to build likability

[16:59] Your network should always be growing because over time some relationships will become less helpful

If you lead with giving you put yourself in rarified air” Click to tweet

[20:46] A very informal get together can generate huge returns to your social wealth




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