cost of trust in organizations
cost of trust in organizations

We need to stop using traditional ways of looking at business value (efficiency, productivity) in order to understand the massive trust crisis. It’s a giant double-digit tax that keeps increasing and companies blindly keep paying. 

The “Trust Tax” costs anywhere from $4000-$10,000 per employee every single year. This is a conservative figure. How much per year is that costing your company?

Lack of trust in business is something we now take for granted, as a normal cost of doing business. It’s why the exceptions are so remarkable. They are the ones creating the biggest competitive advantage and having unparalleled success. 

“In Trust Across America’s most recent 2018 study of the trustworthiness of America’s largest public companies only 103 companies in the Russell 1000 scored a 70% or above (score 80% or more is highly unusual). The rest failed our test.” That’s really poor.

Any company can use trust to rocket their success with a few simple steps. But like in life, the simplest things are often the most overlooked. 

How big a check are cutting this year to pay for your “trust tax?” Think of what your company could use that money for?

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