Are You Choosing Comfort over Courage?

Here is a great question to ask yourself. “In 2018, what percentage of the time did I choose courage over my comfort zone?”

Courage will require you to be vulnerable. It will ensure you make more mistakes. Because the more you move into uncertainty and innovation the more things that can/will not work out (and will require you to pivot).

Courage requires you to do the things you don’t want to do. It requires you to change, grow and look deep in your accountability mirror.

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, especially when things are going well. But eventually your skills and abilities will hit a ceiling. It’s a certainty. And if you wait until they do, you’ll be guaranteed frustration and failures.

Did you choose comfort over courage?

Choose courage over comfort in 2019.





What is Your People Development Plan in 2019?

Psychological make-up, self-awareness, values, and relationships between leaders is what drives decision making and developing culture. Both are intentional.

The question for 2019 is….how are your leaders investing in themselves and each other to develop and maximize key skill/mind sets, leadership/management best practices and team/organizational environment?

Everyone has a business plan, but very few have specific development plans based around the business plan. You can’t go where you never have been before based on last year’s thinking.

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One Question Will Boost Your Leadership Success

You’ll be a much more effective leader/manager if you asked one question or ensure your team(s) know this answer:

  • “What does ‘done’ (or successfully completely) look like to you?” 

Clarifying what done looks like can proactively minimize any risk of frustration later.

Don’t try to read people’s minds.

Don’t assume you know.

Take the guesswork out and just ask!

One of my Favorite All-Time Podcasts

One of my favorite all-time podcasts. It’s inspirational, practical & motivational. It does have profanity. It will jump start your week!

David is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training (including two Hell Weeks), the U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man) and Air Force tactical air controller training.

His achievements made him the subject of a lead feature in Runner’s World, where he was named “Running Hero”, and Outside Magazine named him “The Fittest (Real) Man in America.”

As a human being you always go back to wanting to feel sorry for yourself.”

“You can lie to people but you can’t lie to yourself.”

“It takes courage to not care what people think about you and what you say when you do fail.”

“Every man and woman must form their own ethos on what they stand for in their life. You have to stand for something or you stand for nothing.”

“The best conversation you’re going to have in your entire life is the one you have with your self.”

Use a Game to Maximize Team Performance and Engagement

Cards Against Mundanity is the #1 team building game & workshop to increase performance, problem-solving, engagement and collaboration.

More than 10,000 people have played it along w/ organizations such as Amazon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Google, E&Y, Southwest Airlines, Worldwide Express, Phillips May, Oklahoma Society of Resource Professionals (OCHRS), PRSA, Microsoft, Houston-Galveston Area Council, etc.

It increases trust, engagement and team closeness by 20%+ in 45 minutes. Typically, it would take a team or company five-plus years and six-figure spend to achieve the same results. It also can be used to close prospects, increase sales to customers, and with all 3rd-party relationships.

The “secret” is it allows vulnerable, safe self-disclosures in minutes that take years. You immediately bond with common experiences, emotions and more.

Here are three testimonials from CareHere, Southwest Airlines and Houston PRSA on how it will work for you & your team.

It’s perfect for off sites, team & company meetings, employee & manager trainings corporate retreats, yearly & quarterly planning, & brainstorming sessions. It also works to significantly improve company culture and employee satisfaction.

“Our clinic was struggling to maintain a positive morale. After attending Jason’s workshop, I was able to take what he said and put it into action. After our first team building session, I noticed a difference in how the group was communicating. The transformation has been steady and continues to grow. Word quickly spread within my company on how successful this experience was so there’s plans to use Cards Against Mundanity in other clinics across the nation. “

Angie Higgs, Director of Clinical Services at CareHere

(Provides employer-sponsored work-site healthcare access in 200+ centers over 26 states that has served more than one million patients last year.)

“Jason’s presentation and Cards Against Mundanity game instantly resonated with our group, and was the start of new connections across our organization. In my experience as a sales leader, I know that candid, vulnerable conversations lead to building a foundation of trust within a team. When strong relationships are fostered, my salespeople reach a higher level of engagement, and higher performance levels are the result. Jason’s method ensures a quick path to honest dialogue in a really fun, unique way!”

Matthew Smith
Senior Director, Head of Corporate Sales at Southwest Airlines
President of AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.)

“Jason’s session was life-changing…both professionally and personally. When we began, I sat amongst a group of strangers. But 45 minutes later I felt I was among a group of friends. The questions were powerful and thought-provoking. We shared some laughs and shed some tears. I left the session feeling inspired to use the lessons learned at my organization.”

Saki Indakwa
PRSA Houston President 2017-2018
Director, The Ralph Douglas West Ministries


Go to:

1) and/or


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Why Leaders Evaluate Employees The Wrong Way

Leader’s often evaluate and reward people who make the fewest mistakes instead how good they are because they made those mistakes. The focus is on avoiding mistakes instead of how capable, talented or innovative a person is. It teaches us that avoiding mistakes is more important than learning and developing.

It sets up the same paradigm we had in school. You start from 100 and subtract for every mistake you make. You have evaluated and validated based on mistakes.

It’s time to change the process and operationalize a new one based on the values and behaviors we want to show up.

This is why leaders evaluate employees the wrong way.


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What is Your Leadership Philosophy?

What’s leadership philosophy? Everyone has one. 1-2% actually knows what their’s is. If you don’t know what it is, text three of the people you work closest with and ask them. You are being perceived in any certain way.

Leaders who have a leadership philosophy that they know are 140% more effective and 135% more trusted by their teams and organizations.

Leadership philosophy tells people how you evaluate and value information and behaviors. It should be something you can articulate in 30 seconds or less.

Most leaders avoid confrontation and discomfort (which is part of their leadership philosophy).

What do you do? Create a two sentence guide for yourself. Tell people about it. Write it down. Post it. Change it. But do it. You can be proactive or reactive. Either way you have a leadership philosophy.

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Cards Against Mundanity Testimonial from Blue Cross Blue Shield

Jason Treu customer testimonial blue cross blue shield cards against mundanity

“I was impressed after I heard Jason speak at a PRSA Dallas Luncheon. When our company was planning activities for an upcoming meeting, I immediately thought of Jason’s team building cards (Cards Against Mundanity). Jason not only provided all the materials we needed, he was kind enough to walk us through the game, answer our questions, and provide insight from the survey results. The team enjoyed the activity and we received feedback that members felt more engaged after participating. I would highly recommend him as a facilitator for any team meetings.”

Pamela Thompson, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Workshop at Southwest Airlines on Maximizing Sales Performance and Teams

Great workshop at Southwest Airlines on how to build the highest performing teams and how sales people can use these strategies to close deals faster and upsell. Spoke to the fantastic Dallas chapter of AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales People) group. We played my game, Cards Against Mundanity (, so people could experience it and understand how to use to skyrocket trust, rapport and engagement in minutes.

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Number One Predictor of Leadership Success

What’s the most important leadership trait for successful leaders? Cornell & Stanford found it’s self-awareness.

“Leadership searches give short shrift to ‘self-awareness,’ which should actually be a top criterion. Interestingly, a high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success. This is not altogether surprising as executives who are aware of their weaknesses are often better able to hire subordinates who perform well in categories that the leader lacks acumen. These leaders are also more able to entertain the idea that someone on their team may have an idea that is even better than their own.”

After working with more than 500+ senior leaders, self-awareness is THE predictor of career success, the impact you can make and your ability to get buy-in and motivate.

Only 10-15% of leaders are self-aware, but 95% think they are. That causes most of the issues in organizations today. It’s not being addressed. Getting feedback is helpful, but it’s only one step.

The key is to understand your patterns and blind spots caused by learned behaviors stemming from childhood and/or adult trauma. For example, if you grew up in a home where no one listened to each other, it’s no surprise you don’t listen now.

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