Make Employees Matter

Everyone deserves to feel like they matter in their workplace.

Belonging, inclusion and connection are huge.

That’s how we get the best out of people for both engagement and performance.

Disconnection leads to disengagement and “zombie” mentality/attitude for employees

Up Your Soft Skills Game to Stand Out and Rise to the Top

Soft skills are key to a successful career no matter your field or industry. Without them, you’ll fail. 

Client, team, manager & company-wide relationships can make/break your success, performance and impact. Up your soft skills game (especially teamwork)—it will make a massive difference in your career trajectory. 

The two key areas that are the root cause for 100% of your next career challenge are rooted in soft skills: self-awareness and teamwork (or team building).

Proactively focuses on these areas and you’ll significant results in 90 days or less. You’ll get promoted and stand out in your career because these areas are the most overlooked and least developed skills.

Here’s just a few data points behind it.

  1. 95% of people think these are self-aware, but only 10-15% are.
  2. 75% of work is done collaboratively. But 70%+ are dysfunctional. 86% of executives say project failure is due to two main reasons: poor communication and teamwork.

Companies Need to Change Their Training Plans: 70% of Employees Don’t Have the Right Skill Sets

70% of Employees Report Lack of Mastery of Skills Required in Their Current Job. That should indicate both hard and soft skills need attention and focus.

Typically, soft skills are a much higher priority. Teamwork is the number one soft skill that is the least understood and has the most impact day-to-day. 75% of work is done through collaboration, but 70% of teams are dysfunctional. 86% of the project/goal failures are due to lack of communication and collaboration.

When I sit down with organizations to develop and implement training it’s amazing how quickly you see results and increased performance, teamwork, engagement along with a reduction in conflict and turnover. 

What’s your training and development plan for 2019-2020?

Are focusing on the right areas? (Here are five key areas:

How are you measuring it? Engagement surveys are helpful, but that’s just one small step. There are other methods that are more critical and informative. 

There is a reason 99% of organizations are underperforming. The above is one reason why.

You can take quick steps to increase bottom line metrics without breaking the bank.

PS: If you have any training and development, I help organizations build out their plan, process and conduct training. Feel free to reach out for a quick consultation.

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Would You Invest in Your CoWorkers for the Next 20 Years?

If you had to invest in a person for 20 years would you invest in your friends and work colleagues?

Ask the same of yourself.

If not, you need to make some immediate changes. 


Because the level of your success is will equate to the people you surround yourself with.

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Team Building: How to Build the Highest Performing Teams (Video)

How do you build the highest performing and most engaged teams? Step 1 is building extreme trust. There is no step 2 if you don’t that. How? Vulnerably share experiences, values & other information in groups skyrockets trust in minutes. You create psychological safety and unbreakable chemistry by learning important information the closest person in your life doesn’t know. 

Watch below and see what happens between strangers at SHRM HR Regional Conference I spoke at in Minneapolis. 

You can learn more at and get a free game you can use, Cards Against Mundanity. 12,000+ employees use it to significantly increase performance, teamwork and communication. Works with customers the same. 

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