Key Criteria to Determine Good Candidates for Trainings, Programs, and Workshops

Qualifying Criteria:
1. Demonstration of follow-through and commitment in past trainings, workshops, and educational endeavors.
2. Commitment and curiosity to growth, education and continual improvement (i.e. growth mindset)
3. Willingness to get uncomfortable and challenge current beliefs, behaviors, and practices.
4. 110% Commitment to immediately put into action what they learned

Who on your team meets the above the qualifying criteria and:
1. Was promoted to a leadership and/or management position with little to no prior experience?
2. Is a more seasoned executive and/or manager and wants to advance and deepen their self-awareness, skill sets, teamwork, and best practices?
3. Is a current leader and they have challenges they want to work on and improve?
4. An individual who would benefit from more/better manager and leadership training?
5. Has requested/shown interest in professional leadership and development?
6. Has been promoted to a supervisor position but has little or no prior management experience?

Who should NOT Participate in Trainings, Programs, and Workshops:
• Individuals who do not meet the qualifying criteria
• Individuals who think they “know it all”
• Individuals who feel like they’re being required, told to, and/or forced to do this to check off a box.
• Individuals who feel like you’re trying to “fix” them against their will (rather than seeing this as an opportunity to improve their management and leadership

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