Played my Team Building Game With the Host of School of Thought Podcast

On the School of Thought Podcast we play my team building card game #cardsagainstmundanity. The host of show came from Los Angeles to Dallas and we played the game in my condo (with a mimosa and my Jack Russell and better half, Angie). See how it works live. 12,000 people are using it. Short 20min episode.

Here is what Ryan Cowden, podcast host, had to say:

“Hi everyone! This is just a reminder to check out an extra special bonus of the School of Thought Podcast! This week Jason and I play his card game Cards Against Mundanity. In this special episode, Jason talks about the research that went into the game and how he uses it to create community between coworkers. Then we dove in and played it for real. If you want to create the same openness and dialogue in your classroom I think this is a great place to start.”

Jason Treu is an executive coach who works with leaders, managers, and teams to maximize engagement, trust, teamwork and performance.

He is the author of Social Wealth, guide to building business relationships.

He created a game called Cards Against Mundanity, which he has used to help teams at Google and other organizations build better relationships in the workplace. More than 12,000 employees have played it.

Jason debuted this card game in a TED Talk in 2017. He’s a team building expert.

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My Guest Podcast on Eggs Podcast Show


This week on Eggs we have special guest Jason Treu. Jason Treu is an executive business coach who works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and rising start-ups to maximize their leadership potential and performance. With more than 60,000 copies sold, he is the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to guide on building an extraordinary business. Jason also hosts a podcast called Executive Breakthroughs, where game-changing CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and experts are invited to share their breakthroughs and breakdowns. This conversation was super valuable and contains a lot of practical nuggets that will help you understand the importance of people in your business and life.

Tune in and join the conversation!

Our Guest:
Jason Treu
Twitter: @jasontreu

Team Building for Teachers and School Districts – Podcast & Testimonial

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming on the show. We actually used your card game in one of our professional development sessions with teachers a few months back and it went really well. Your episode has been doing really well. I have gotten rave reviews from my audience with many feeling as if they received great coaching during your episode.”

Dominic Lawson

Host of The Startup Life Podcast & Owner of Owls (an education consulting firm that tailors professional learning and instructional content to help school and district leaders improve the way teachers and students learn, interact and perform.)

Train Your Team Like the Navy Seals w/ Jason Treu on the B2B Revenue Podcast

Train Your Business Team Like the Navy SEALs w/ Jason Treu on the B2B Revenue Podcast.

If you want to be a good leader, take accountability for finding the potential in people and developing it.

I recently interviewed Jason Treu, an executive coach who focuses on leadership. 

I learned that if you want to proactively reach your team, it’s better to look at someone’s behavior pattern like a computer program. Objectively.

That’s exactly what the Navy SEALs do. They ask these questions: 

– What were our intended results?

– What were the actual results? 

– What went well?

– What didn’t go well?

– What did we learn from this?

– What can we implement moving forward? 

It is not emotional. It’s looking at a situation objectively. They don’t place blame. It’s not about failure. 

Even if everything went right, the mentality is to discover what they can get better. 

It’s neither good nor bad. It’s a computer program. You have the choice to be right or you have a choice to be happy, successful, and fulfilled because the pattern that was successful then, is now sabotaging your success and eventually will crater it.

Re-training yourself to approach problems in this way is “part science, and part art.” But it can result in huge payoffs for the individual and the company.

Listen to the to the podcast link in the first comment below.

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One of my Favorite All-Time Podcasts

One of my favorite all-time podcasts. It’s inspirational, practical & motivational. It does have profanity. It will jump start your week!

David is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training (including two Hell Weeks), the U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man) and Air Force tactical air controller training.

His achievements made him the subject of a lead feature in Runner’s World, where he was named “Running Hero”, and Outside Magazine named him “The Fittest (Real) Man in America.”

As a human being you always go back to wanting to feel sorry for yourself.”

“You can lie to people but you can’t lie to yourself.”

“It takes courage to not care what people think about you and what you say when you do fail.”

“Every man and woman must form their own ethos on what they stand for in their life. You have to stand for something or you stand for nothing.”

“The best conversation you’re going to have in your entire life is the one you have with your self.”

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